Hot Springs Village Property Owner Shares Landscaping Plans with the Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee met with a skeleton crew on Thursday, June 15, 2023. Chair Larry Browcaw presided over the meeting with assistance from Ginger George, HSVPOA Contract and Development Supervisor; Brian Whitehead, ACC Vice-Chair; and Mark Quinton, HSVPOA Board Member, and ACC Liaison.

Three applications for new committee members are pending Board approval on Wednesday, June 21 – John Hyduke, Clint Blackman III, and Lanny Beavers.

Compliance and Permitting Year-to-Date Stats

Year-to-date Compliance Cases – 415

Year-to-date Inspections Completed – 2,124 compared to 1,643 in 2022

Year-to-date Small Permits 1,024 compared to 896 in 2022

Year-to-date New Homes 36 compared to 55 in 2022

Thirty small permits were approved, and two were denied. Nine new home permits were also approved.

Small Permit Applications

1 Gandia Place – Landscaping – Permit approved.

4 Alhaja Lane – Room addition on the back of the house over the existing deck. Permit approved.

4 Paraiso Lane – Landscaping – Inadequate drawings. Resubmit with better plans and more information. Permit denied.

12 Pizarro Drive – Landscaping – Property owners want to stockpile rock on a privately-owned, undeveloped lot. Permit approved stipulating that the property owner cannot stockpile on someone else’s property.

13 Alhaja Way – Cover over existing deck – Permit approved.

16 Campeon Way – Landscaping – Permit approved.

20 Loyola Circle – Landscaping – Permit approved.

216 Elcano Drive – Deck – Permit approved.

216 Elcano Drive – Dock – Permit approved.

428 Maderas Drive – Landscaping – Permit approved with the stipulation that Public Services signs off on this.

7 Adoracion Point – Fence – Permit approved stipulating that the north lot line be ornamental fencing.

7 Hortezuela Lane – Landscaping – Permit approved.

7 Montanes Lane – Deck – Reducing the size of the current deck. Permit approved.

15 Sanchez Point – Stone Porch – Permit approved.

20 Seville Lane – Landscaping – Permit approved.

20 Seville Lane – Decorative Fence – Permit approved.

43 Costa Del Lage Lane – Landscaping – Permit approved.

50 Hartura Way – Landscaping – Permit approved with the condition that CCI releases the easement.

59 Sanchez Way – Patio Roof – Wants to extend existing roofline over an existing patio. Permit approved.

64 Darpa Way – Landscaping – Permit approved.

3 Polido Lane – Relocate Front Door for Emergency Access – Permit approved.

5-6 Comillas – Landscaping – This is a resubmit. The property owner, a landscape architect, said she wanted a courtyard all her life. Originally she submitted a plan with fencing around the courtyard, which is not allowed in front yards. She also relocated the shed in the first plan from the side to the backyard. Permit approved.

5-6 Comillas – Fence – Permit approved.

9 Leon Lane – Install Spa – Permit approved.

14 Ferdinand Way – Carport and Roof – Permit approved.

14 Reata Way – Shed – Permit approved.

18 Moncada Circle – Fence – Permit approved.

30 Candelera Lane – Shed – Permit approved.

32 Salobrena Way – New Parking Spot – Permit approved.

38 Mandarina Drive – Landscaping – Permit approved.

47 Mandarin Drive – Shed – Plastic shed – Material doesn’t match the house. Permit denied.

8 Cordoba Circle – Shed (Resubmittal) – Originally, the property owner wanted a larger shed in the front of the house, but this was not allowed. She said they are settling for something half the size to be placed on the side yard. It is not possible to place a shed in the backyard. Permit approved.

New Home Permit Applications Approved

1 Estado Circle – Renaissance Homes

26 Moreno Way – Gerald Ellison Construction

6 Grandilla Place – Deaton Construction

10 Gozada Place – Renaissance Homes

18 Zarina Lane – Deaton Construction

19 Docente Lane – Castleberry Homes

21 Soprendente Lane – Carriage Homes

36 Badajoz Way – Whiley Construction

83 Ola Way – Deaton Construction

New Business

BizBuz Events – Event Signage – Signs were approved for three locations only. Signs are not permitted at the gates.

By Cheryl Dowden