The Hot Springs Village POA Architectural Control Committee met on Thursday, March 2, 2023. Some of the items discussed were:

  • Compliance Department Stats
  • Developer property that was sold
  • Early starts on projects before permits are issued
  • Small Permits
  • New Home Permits

Year-To-Date Compliance Department Statistics

Charlie Brown, Director of Compliance & Contract Management, shared year-to-date (YTD) statistics:

  • 311 Other Than New Home Permits Issued YTD
  • 16 New Home Permits Issued YTD (Compared to 20 New Home Permits Issued at the same time last year (2022)
  • 125 Compliance Cases YTD
  • 835 Inspections YTD
  • 88 Homes Currently Under Construction

Brown stated, “The Compliance Division has two new staff members – Angela Lambert and Danny Stephens.

Cooper Property Sold

Brown shared that the property bordering Jardinero Drive and Danville Road was sold. This land consists of two adjoining tracts of reserve property sold by CCI (Cooper Communities Incorporated). Although connected, the two tracts are located in two different subdivisions. One tract was brought into the POA Declarations and monthly assessments will be paid on this property.

The chair of the Architectural Control Committee, Janet Rowe, said, “There is a gravel driveway on Jandinero, and also there is a gravel drive on Danville Road. There will not be access to the Jardinero tract from Danville Road due to the mandatory 10-foot buffer around the properties. Vehicular traffic between the two lots is not permissible.

Projects Started Before Permits are Issued

Some contractors and homeowners start projects before permits are issued. Raising the fines for early starts was discussed. Possibly this revised fine will be a percent of the total project cost. Rowe discussed having a seminar for builders where the permit requirement would be a topic of discussion. Brown said they are working on having a builders’ seminar.

General Manager, Kelly Hale said that he recommends compiling a list of all the contractors and vendors and sending them a letter detailing the expectations. Some vendors have said the current fine is so low they don’t mind paying it.

Small Permits

97 Saldana Way – Driveway – The property owner was present. The permit was approved.

121 DeSoto Center – Business Signage – There is not enough data regarding signage wording on this permit application. There is also no conceptual drawing showing how the sign will look or where it will be placed. Permit not approved due to lack of data.

12 Albaron Place – Upper Deck With Covered Roof – Although the Town Home Association approved this project, Brown said there is insufficient information for POA approval. A site plan is needed. Permit not approved due to lack of site plan. Once a site plan is submitted, the plan will be approved.

203 Carmona Road – Landscaping – Future Generations Childcare Center – Permit was approved.

72 Arjora Way – Landscaping – Work started before a permit was issued. This project is well on its way to completion. The permit was approved, and the Compliance Department will look into this.

43 Baeza Way – Landscaping – Upgrading/Maintenace of landscaping. The property owner is adding to the existing stamped concrete patio. Permit approved with Compliance Department follow-up for a possible early start.

115 E. Villena Drive – Retaining Wall in the backyard – This project will help with drainage issues. The permit was approved.

28 Burgos Way – Shed – Project was started before the permit was issued. The committee recommended a different placement for this very large shed. The permit was denied with the recommendation that the shed is moved to the backyard.

42 Majorca Drive – Deck Railing – The property owner wants to bring the deck to current safety standards with welded wire railing. Permit approved.

30 Ochavo Way – Fence – With the placement of the house, there is essentially no backyard. The fence will be decorative metal. Permit approved with a suggestion to move part of the fence 7 1/2 feet to the property line.

1 Hartura Point – Deck – This property is on Lake Balboa and has no existing deck. The property owner wants to install a deck off the back of the house (20 feet). He will be using cable wire. Permit was approved

78 Hartura Way – Boat Dock Extension – Permit was approved.

27 Derecho Way – Deck – Permit was approved.

115 Cifuentes – Tree Cutting – Pine trees – Permit was approved.

2 Brilliante Way – Deck – Project completed before permit issued. The permit was approved with Compliance Department follow-up.

25 Brilliante Way – Landscaping – The permit was approved.

33 Pacifica Circle – Landscaping – The permit was approved with Compliance Department follow-up.

52 Excelso Way – Extend Dock – The permit was approved.

10 Jornada Circle – Landscape – Install rock on both sides of the house to help drainage and add a retaining wall. The property owner needs this rock to solve drainage issues. The permit was approved.

General Manager Hale said that the POA often receives complaints from property owners who want the POA to fix the drainage problem that the owner created. According to Arkansas law, when you build on a lot, and there is an existing natural water flow, the homeowner must allow for this natural flow and cannot impede it.

13 Manzanares Drive – Landscaping – Large rocks cannot be used on the right-of-way because the right-of-way needs to be accessible to utility companies. The permit was approved.

14 Innovacion Lane – Landscaping – The permit was approved.

30 Arturo Lane – Tree Cutting – Wants to replace existing trees with hardwood trees and grass. The property owner has not submitted a landscaping plan yet. The owner needs to submit a landscaping plan before approval is issued. Need landscaping plan to be submitted before the tree cutting is permitted. Permit denied until a landscaping plan is submitted and approved.

29 Alteza Drive – Lean-to Patio Pavillion – The permit was approved.

New Home Permits

Three new home permits were approved.

13 Caribe – Permit was approved upon revised front elevation.

296 Maderas – Permit was approved

408 Maderas – Permit was approved

Problem with Boat Dock Orientation

A property owner wants to “flip” her boat dock for easier access. She currently has difficulty maneuvering her boat. The Chair said she would take photos, and a decision would be made.

Report by Cheryl Dowden

Cover image: Charlie Brown, Director of Compliance & Contract Management Making a Presentation