The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Architectural Control Committee (ACC) met on May 19, 2022. Before delving into the agenda, the Chair allowed those in the audience to address the committee. The Balboa Marina owner requested sign clarification from the committee and another property owner wanted to build a dock on common property.

Chair, Janet Rowe, reported that the Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines will be reviewed and clarified.

The committee approved 22 permits on existing homes, denied one permit, and two new builds were also approved.

Under new business, the committee discussed sign pollution and the Director of Compliance & Contract Management, Charles Brown, said that the Public Services Director will be developing a comprehensive sign plan and unnecessary signage will be eliminated.

Signage on Balboa Marina

Rick Wadsworth, the new owner of the Balboa Marina, had questions about what type of signs would pass the approval of the ACC. He had previously submitted a plan for signage on the building and was denied. The committee asked Mr. Wadsworth to resubmit a “toned down” plan for reconsideration. There was a discussion in order to “get a little better feel” about what the committee would approve. Suggestions were made to remove the “Hamburgers – Pizza – Hot Dogs” sign planned for above the side windows. The suggestion was also made to replace, “Call Ahead,” with “Cafe”. The General Manager, Kelly Hale, liked the anchor motif on the front of the building and suggested that also be carried to the side.

Mr. Wadsworth was agreeable to submitting new signage plans. He said he would submit a sign plan with “Balboa Cafe”, an anchor, and then the telephone number below. He said he felt like this is an improvement.

The committee said that once the new signage plan was submitted, they would do an email vote in order to expedite matters.

Property Owners Requested to Build a Dock on Common Property

Property Owners said they have common property access to a cove off of Lake DeSoto and wanted to put in a little floating dock or something to make it easier for them to get in and out of their kayaks.

Board Director and ACC Liaison said, “There are places like this all over the lakes in this Village. We would open up a can of worms.”

ACC Chair Janet Rowe stated, “You can’t put stuff on common property because it is for the enjoyment of all.”

Rowe explained that there were people up in arms about someone doing the same type of thing.

Board Director Tucker Omohundro said, “We don’t even have the authority to allow you to put that up there. We cannot allow people to build something on property they don’t own.”

The property owner asked if a piece of common property could be sold. Omohundro responded that common property cannot be sold without a vote of the whole community.

Omohundro told the Property Owners to take this issue up with the Common Property, Forestry, and Wildlife Committee. “The approach in my mind would be if you can do it somehow without a structure, with maybe just some landscaping.”

Charles Brown, Director of Compliance & Contract Management and staff liaison to the ACC said that possibly the Common Property, Forestry, and Wildlife Committee might approve a seawall because that would protect the shoreline of the common property.

Review of Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

Rowe said that General Manager Hale, Charlie Brown, and she will be tweaking the Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines and eliminating items that don’t need to be included, and adding some items that would address compliance issues. They will bring this back to the ACC when they are finished. After the committee looks it over, then it will be presented to the Board.

One goal is to make the rules more user-friendly with clearer language. They will also look at ways of disseminating the information to Property Owners. One way to circulate the information will be electronically and also when new Property Owners are registering with the POA, the Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines should be provided.

Compliance and Permitting Stats

471 Compliance Cases Opened YTD

1,240 Inspections Completed YTD

Other than new home permits YTD – 715

New Home Permits 50 YTD

New Homes Under Construction – 104

Existing Home Permits Approved

87 Saldana Way – Dock – This is a new home on Lake Balboa and a separate permit is being submitted for the dock which is proposed to not be built until late summer. The permit will be good for six months.

4 Gorrion Lane – Solar Panels – These panels are proposed to be over the garage and the front entry.

5 Adoracion Court – Dock – The building of this dock on Lake Balboa will be delayed until late summer. The original dock will be removed and this is a replacement.

4 Ribera Place – Dock – This proposed dock is covered and is also on Lake Balboa and will be built later in the summer.

11 Granada Way – Deck Addition/Handrail

17 Inca Lane – Dock

73 Sierra Drive – Deck – This is a replacement for a rotted deck.

109 Calella Road – Commercial Building Addition – Extend an alcove for more storage.

30 Certero Circle – Landscaping

11 Lucir Lane – Landscaping – There is not a house on this property. This project was completed before the permit was approved and compliance will address this issue.

3 Loma Way – Swimming Pool – The committee approved the design, but compliance will follow up.

65 Rocoso Drive – Deck and Walkway

29 Innovacion Lane – Landscaping – This is a new home.

3 Brilliante Way – Outbuilding

2 Charca Way – Storage Shed

9 Narvaez Lane – Concrete – Proposed landing and steps going down the side of the house next to the garage for safety reasons.

14 Fastota Lane – Landscaping – This is a new home.

30 Dominar Way – Terrace and Concrete

13 Levantino Lane – Dock

11 Isla Mujeres – Patio Extension – The Townhouse Association has given approval. This is approved by the ACC if it is within the property lines.

93 Fineza Way – Dock

105 Fineza Way – Swimming Pool – Verification is needed to determine if the proposed pool is within the 20′ setback line.

Existing Home Permits Denied

34 Doscientos Circle – Landscaping – The drawings were not clear to the ACC. Resubmit with accurate drawings.

New Home Permits Approved

23 Soldado Lane

25 Brilliante Lane

General Manager, Kelly Hale, said that they are looking for more builders based out of Little Rock to build neighborhoods instead of building on a lot here and there.

Church Signs

Brown said that the new Director of Public Services, Ken Unger, is looking at a comprehensive sign plan. The ACC already approved the church signs currently being erected. “There is always a question about that because there is always a concern about sign pollution,” stated Brown.

Rowe stated that prior to her time serving on the ACC, there was a discussion about whether every church needed a sign.

GM Hale said that we have too many signs and it litters up the Village. “The second part of this is other than the aesthetic is the cost. We have to pay for the maintenance of the signs.”

Hale said that churches that are off the beaten track and hard to find should have directional signs.

Hale said, “We will do things because they are logical business decisions and good for the community – not bow down to public opinion.”

Directional signs can impede the sight line and the signs have gotten out of hand. “You are never going to make everybody happy,” said Rowe.

The ACC went into a closed meeting to discuss a compliance case.