In his report to the Lakes Committee on July 13, 2022, Chair, Steven FitzGerald discussed the sign requirement for docks. He also touched on the meeting General Manager Kelly Hale and the Board of Directors had with all of the committee chairs and vice-chairs. Two important issues Hale has asked the Lakes Committee to concentrate on are geese and erosion. The committee will also work on effective communication with the public.

Address Signs on Docks?

FitzGerald stated that he is leading the Lakes Survey this year. “I’ve taken it as a personal project,” stated the Chair. He said he has had discussions with Mr. Thomas in Compliance and there are many people surprised by the address sign requirement. This requirement is not listed under any of the paragraphs pertaining to Lakes in the Rules and Regulations document.

“It is in a different section and I stumbled upon it,” said FitzGerald. He said he is asking the committee to review all of the existing Lakes policies for relevancy and enforceability. “At some point, we will probably come back to the Board with a recommendation that says, ‘hey, here are some things that can be worded better. Here are some things that are unenforceable.’ And maybe, ‘Here are some things that are missing.'”

This year, FitzGerald is not going to inspect for address signs on docks. FitzGerald estimates we only have about 40% compliance on the address sign for dock requirements. FitzGerald said he will only look at two things when he performs the surveys – decals and electric shock signs. Mr. Thomas in Compliance agreed with the chair.

FitzGerald said, “If you don’t have address signs on your docks, it will not be included in the 2022 Lakes Survey.”

Meeting with the General Manager and Board

In a meeting with Kelly Hale and the Board, FitzGerald learned about the perspectives and priorities they had regarding the committees. Geese and erosion were two important topics Hale stressed.

Geese – “Our role is going to be providing assistance to the Common Property, Forest, and Wildlife Committee in the identification of Geese nests in the environment of the lakes,” detailed the chair. Geese mitigation by the POA is limited to addling the eggs.” This requires federal licensing.

Erosion – FitzGerald explained, “Dredging is a reaction to erosion. Staff’s thought process is, ‘what are the things we can do to get in front of and mitigate erosion from happening?'”

An ad hoc committee with members from both Lakes and Common Property, Forest, and Wildlife Committees will most likely be developed.


FitzGerald said the committee needs to become more effective in communicating with Property Owners. Some people read the newspaper and listen to the radio for their updates/news. We now have social media and the Village Digest. “We have to do a combined effort – a multi-faceted approach to how we communicate,” said FitzGerald.

Report by Cheryl Dowden