In this installment of “Ask Ken,” Public Services Director Ken Unger addresses the lack of electricity at our unmanned gates and the newest development to reduce tailgating.

Resident: Is anything being done to secure the unmanned gates, considering they are not functioning properly due to a lack of power from the recent tornado?

Ken:  When we lost power, the decision was made to leave the gates open so emergency personnel and residents could get in.  As power was restored, the gates were restored to normal.  Unfortunately, the Glazepeau Gate has a programming issue, so it is currently open until IT can fix it hopefully later today. 

It is also worth noting that we have been evaluating the best approach to address tailgating since rolling out our signage improvements at the Balboa gate late last year.  After evaluating our options, the decision has been made to trial upgrading our existing control infrastructure at the Balboa gate since our current control hardware was installed in the 1990s and has limited spare parts available.  This approach will cost approximately $7k but will modernize our gate hardware while also hopefully give us better control over gate access at the same time.  If successful, it will be deployed across our other unmanned gates, barring any specific location issues that could preclude it from working, and adequate turnaround areas. etc.  We are hopeful this upgrade will occur within the next several weeks. Thanks.

Ask Ken - What is being done to secure the unmanned gates post-tornado? 3


Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village

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