In this edition of “Ask Ken,” Ken Unger, Hot Springs Village POA Director of Public Services, answers a question about a mistake on a water bill and why the customer didn’t receive a corrected bill.

Resident:  There was a mistaken reading on my last water bill.  After I brought the mistake to the attention of the POA, I did not receive a new bill after it was corrected. Can you tell me why these mistakes weren’t caught during the process and why I didn’t receive a new corrected bill?

Ken:  Unfortunately, mistakes do happen.  The water and billing departments do their best to screen what appear to be mistakes, but the reality is that with over 9000 water customers, where the readings are done mostly manually, there are bound to be mistakes that slip through the process.  Once a mistake is identified, the POA corrects the bill but usually does not resend a new bill unless requested by the member.  This is to save time and money.  Every member has the ability to register in the new water billing system that was rolled out last year, located here: Once enrolled, members have access to all billing and usage information.  In addition, if members provide their email and telephone numbers, they can also be notified of multiple other things related to their accounts.  If a resident has any questions about their bill, they can reach out to the billing department number on their bill or send an inquiry using the Public Service Request Form located here  and our department will investigate what happened and work with the Billing department to make any corrections necessary.  Hope this helps!

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Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village

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