In this installment of “Ask Ken,” Public Services Director Ken Unger answers an HSV resident’s question about a considerable increase in cold water pressure in his home.

Resident: About three or four days ago, our water pressure (cold) dramatically increased in the house. We now have rushing water noise in the line when one of the bathroom toilets is refilling, Washer water line now makes a bang when it shuts off. The water dispenser on the refrigerator (originally calibrated), is now way off (get a 12 oz glass of water and dispenser reads about 5 or 6 oz), faucet and shower pressure has really increased. I believe there is nothing in my house that can increase water pressure, so I wonder if there is something you did in general to the system or maybe an issue with the meter.

KenThe POA will certainly come out and attempt to verify the cause, but it sounds like your pressure regulator is going or has gone bad. Most homes in the Village have pressure regulators on the incoming lines to adjust the pressure from the pressure in the water main in the street. When it starts to fail, you will experience various pressure issues. 

Ask Ken – Why has my water pressure increased 1


Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village

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