In this edition of “Ask Matt,” a Hot Springs Village resident asks Matt Broom, HSVPOA Associate Director of Public Services if his neighbor is allowed to blow leaves into the Village lakes.

Resident:  I recently observed my neighbor blowing leaves into the lake I live on.  Is this allowed, and if not, how do I go about reporting this?

Matt:  Thank you for the question.  Blowing leaves into any lakes or drainage creek is absolutely a violation of our policy and this is clearly stated in our Rules and Regulations.  This has a negative effect on our water bodies as the leaves can cause an imbalance of organic material, in turn, leading to invasive algae and depleted oxygen.  The leaves and debris being deposited into our drainage systems lead to blockage and potential flooding of property and roadways.  All of these violations also result in larger dredging expenses that affect all POA members.  If you observe this happening, please contact either Community Support or Public Services using the online request form.

Click here to visit the Explore the Village Website. Click “Members,” Then click “Community Support” or “Public Services” to use the online request form to report this issue or any other non-emergency issue,

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