In this edition of “Ask Matt,” Matt Broom, Hot Springs Village POA Associate Director of Public Services, addresses residents making changes to common property.

Resident:  I just moved into the Village and noticed some residents across the street from me have cleared some vegetation and installed things on the common property.  Is this permitted, and if not, what will the POA do about it?

Matt:  Members may do various things within common property with proper approvals, which may include but not be limited to clearing of underbrush or dead trees, clearing of perceived dangerous but healthy trees that the POA otherwise would not remove, and limited visibility improvements. 

Unfortunately, due to resource limitations, the POA is unable to inspect the entire Village to ensure total compliance with our common property rules and regulations.  Once an infraction is identified, the POA in conjunction with the Common Property committee and our Community Support Department, do our best to identify the infractions and any resolution.  To do this, the POA must consult historical records, attempt to identify what was altered and by whom i.e. number of trees removed, attempt to determine intent, and then determine an appropriate remedy.  In most cases where an infraction was unintentional the resolution may be to ensure the member defines their property line, removes anything placed within the common property, and avoids any further activity within the common property without a permit.    For intentional grievous actions the Community Support Department may also issue fines as well as require some level of restoration of the common property.   

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