In this edition of “Ask Matt,” Hot Springs Village Associate Director of Public Services Matt Broom answers a question about ditches.

Resident:  The ditches around my home haven’t been able to handle the amount of rain from the recent storms.  Can the POA deepen them to gain more capacity and hopefully prevent the flooding on my property?

Matt:  Thanks for the question.  The recent rain events have been historic amounts that led to flash flooding, and most ditches and culverts aren’t designed to carry that amount of water. 

As for drainage ditch maintenance, the POA will maintain ditches that haven’t been privately landscaped with rocks. When homeowners landscape their ditches, it’s imperative that the rocks stay below the bottom of the culverts for optimum flow. As for non-landscaped ditches, the POA will maintain these by removing debris and sediment that is washed in from heavy rains.

We encounter many ditches that have yard debris such as leaves and grass clippings.  It’s a violation of the policy to discharge yard debris into ditches.  Even when residents blow or dump debris behind or beside their property, the heavy rains can still wash this debris into the ditches which causes blockage and decreased water capacity.

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Ask Matt – Can The POA Deepen Ditches Around My Home to Prevent Flooding?