In this edition of “Ask Matt,” Matt Broom, Hot Springs Village POA Associate Director of Public Services, discusses whether permits are required to replace tornado-damaged roofs.

Resident: The recent tornado caused extensive property damage in Hot Springs Village.  In the aftermath of the tornado, do Property Owners need to obtain permits to repair or replace their roofs?  Or will the permitting process be waived due to the emergency situation?  If a permit is mandatory, will the permitting process be expedited, and how should I quickly obtain a permit for roof replacement?  Is there a cost for obtaining a roof permit?  What happens if a permit is needed, but I neglected to get one?  Will I be fined and forced to pay for a permit after the fact?  I appreciate your help.

Matt: There will be no permit fees or a permit application process.  Our permit will change for these disasters and only require a licensed contractor to sign in with our Permitting Office so we know who is performing the work.  This will allow us to track what contractors are performing work and at what address.  I would advise all residents to beware of scams and only hire professional and insured contractors to perform their work. 

Ask Matt Do I need a permit to replace my tornado damaged roof? 1

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