In this edition of “Ask Matt,” Matt Broom, Hot Springs Village POA Associate Director of Public Services, addresses recycling.

Resident: Why doesn’t the POA offer recycling with regular weekly trash pick up?  Where can I take my recyclables?

Matt: We plan to expand our recycling program in the future but do not have the resources in place at this time to support that level of recycling. We partner with Garland County to provide the weekly recycling offered now.

  1. The POA accepts metals for recycling during all normal hours of operation at our 218 Minorca Road facility.
  2. The POA does a plastic-only (No. 1 and 2 plastics only) recycling event every Tuesday from 8-11:00 am and a more comprehensive recycling event (aluminum, glass, newspaper, paper, No. 1 and 2 plastics only) every Thursday from 8-11:00 am at our 218 Minorca Road facility. Other recycling may be taken to the following locations:
    1. Garland County Recycle Center, 685 N Highway 7, HSV – 501-623-7499
    2. Hot Springs Recycle Center, 218 Runyon St., Hot Springs
    3. Saline County Recycle Center, 18511 Sardis Rd., Bauxite
Ask Matt - How can I recycle? inside image
Matt Broom, Hot Springs Village Associate Director of Public Services

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