Pam Avila, Hot Springs Village POA Communications/Growth Specialist, has agreed to answer some tornado-related questions from Villagers on topics such as storm shelters, how residents can help, disaster relief funds, solicitors after the tornado, and tornado sirens.

Resident: For future reference, are any public or private buildings in the Village tornado-safe rated for taking shelter, like the Coronado Center, Woodlands, or local churches?  Thanks for the information.

Pam: At this time, there are no public shelters in the Village….

Resident:  What can individual residents do to help the Village recover from the tornado?

Pam:  Right now, the POA is focused on assessing damage and beginning the early phases of repair and recovery. There may be churches who have plans for being donation centers but we haven’t seen that yet. So many HSV residents are incredibly generous and giving, so please watch for ways that you can help!

Resident:  Does the POA have a disaster relief fund for individuals to donate? 

Pam: This is a wonderful, generous idea, but at this point in time, the POA is still focused on assessing damage and working to get emergency funding from various government agencies. Hopefully, some of the service organizations or churches will step up and create a relief fund of some sort for the victims.

Resident: I would like to know the true info on letting in solicitors, i.e. contractors, etc. Posts have been made that disparage the administration about opening our gates, which is against our rules. If true, what was the rationale? Is there anything on this to set the record straight?

Pam: Personally, I’m appalled that someone wouldn’t be able to figure out that in the immediate aftermath of a disaster like we’ve experienced, “business as usual” just isn’t reasonable or possible. In our case, we’ve had literally hundreds of vehicles from the utility companies, fire departments, road department, and willing volunteer organizations coming into the Village – at the same time that the POA staff has been busy going street to street assessing damage and seeing if anyone was injured or needed help, so they weren’t available to man gates that had to be left open for the workers. Thanks!

Resident: Why doesn’t HSV have tornado sirens and what are the workarounds? 

Pam: I didn’t live in the Village when the previous tornado struck, so this is only “hearsay”…. After that tornado, FEMA offered to pay for sirens for the Village. Residents were very vocal (“not in my neighborhood”) about not having sirens anywhere near them. The end result was no sirens, and last Thursday, we had no sirens to warn us of the coming tornado!

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