Hot Springs Village, AR, January 12, 2024 – The Hot Springs Village POA Board of Directors has announced the names of the four (4) HSV property owners who submitted their applications and paperwork to become candidates for the 2024 Board election. All four candidates have been properly vetted and verified as members in good standing.
The candidates are:
Doyle Baker
Edsel A. Frye Jr
Marcy Mermel
Mark Quinton

The expiration of two POA Directors’ terms and one vacancy has created a total of three vacancies. Per the Bylaws Art. VII, Section 3 Term of Office, one elected board member will serve a 1-year term, and two will serve 3-year terms.

Candidate resumes will appear in the January 12, 2024, HSV Weekly Digest. The resumes have also been submitted with this press release.

The calendar of the election process is as follows:

Friday, February 23, 2024 – ballots mailed from 3rd -party election organization to HSVPOA members in good standing.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024, by 4 pm – deadline for ballots to be returned.

Friday, March 29, 2024 – election results will be announced via eblast from the HSVPOA General Manager.

2024 Hot Springs Village Board of Director Candidates

HSV POA Board of Director 2024 Election Resumes in Alphabetical Order


Thank you for considering me for a board position in the POA. My wife and I have lived in over half a dozen states. We knew what we wanted in retirement and recognized it as soon as we discovered Hot Springs Village. We purchased our home here in November 2017. I retired and moved here full-time in the fall of 2021.

I have a BS in Industrial Engineering. My first job out of college was at Frito-Lay in Texas. My last position before retiring was the VP of US Operations at Bel Brands Group in Kentucky. There I was responsible for 3 plants, 800+employees, an expense budget of $355M+, a capital budget of $5-8M, and distribution across North America.

I spent most of my career in fast growing or turnaround operations. Most recently I reduced accidents by over 85% and developed managers in safety leadership to ensure the next generation. I also reduced customer complaints by over 80% and saved the dominant business in a small town from closing. At my prior company, as a regional Director of Operations, I took my two plants from a ranking of last place to 1st and 2nd out of 13 plants.

I have always enjoyed serving. I am currently on the Finance and Planning Committee and have become familiar with the flow of money in the village. I volunteer at my church on the Audio-Visual team. I enjoy the Woodworkers Club where I serve as the VP. As a member of the Woodworkers Club, I enjoy making toys for kids, bookshelves for schools, golf tee markers for HSV, and repairing landscaping for those in need. My wife and I go boating and swimming as we live on Lake Coronado. I have also enjoyed golf, fishing, pickleball and Boomers Rock events. Even with a very busy work schedule, volunteering my time to give back has been important to me. My wife and I taught Financial Peace University (financial planning) to over 150 people across 5 years, I coordinated set up and teardown teams for weekly services, fed the homeless in downtown Portland, worked with local schools to mentor kids, put together outstanding teacher’s recognition awards and set up a team of people to collect and distribute supplies and gifts to local schoolteachers.

In many ways I see similarities between my work and the Village today. The Village has already turned the corner and is making significant improvements. This is due to the employees and leadership currently in place. As we continue to grow and improve there will be challenges ahead like issues I have dealt with in my career. I am excited to be able to use my experiences and proven capability to help our community.

I would like to ask for your vote and support.


I’m running for the HSV POA Board to offer a comprehensive background and knowledge of budgetary management and infrastructure development/sustainment to continue to improve the quality of our community. I’ve been a property owner since 1994 and resident since 2012. I’m pleased with the new, transparent, leadership and the growth of HSV. I’ve served on many Boards. I’ve successfully managed large scale infrastructure projects with constrained time limits and budgets. I’ve served on a Chamber of Commerce Board and feel attracting new businesses here is vital to our growing community. I’ll serve the needs of property owners, ensuring frugal use of funds while considering the personal and financial hardships of our aging community and the young families to best shape decisions for all HSY residents and businesses. While living here, I’ve been active in caring for our community and our people to include assisting with medical transportation, community clean up and maintenance, advocate for disability claims to include Congressional engagement on others’ behalf and worked on charity golf tournaments.

The bulk of my work history comes from my career in the US Air Force, with over 38 years of service to include 25 years of leadership, forecasting and executing operational budgets up to 70 million dollars annually. I’ve served on Boards including Arkansas Youth Foundation, Sherwood, AR Chamber of Commerce, Kansas Governor’s Board of Military Affairs, along with numerous military boards. I learned the value of giving everyone a voice and appreciating the needs and limitations of competing interests. I have a history of teamwork, innovation and program development. Selected for program development team to develop a Department of Defense Global Logistic Program. A highlight was negotiating a $70 million airfield and infrastructure improvement initiative at the Bishkek International Airport resulting in modernization of the most productive airfield for troop and equipment movement in the Afghanistan Theatre of War, working with their government and private parties.

President of Board and Mentor, Arkansas Youth Foundation, 2015-2019. The Governor’s Board to rescue, educate and reintegrate at risk youth, ages 13-17 that have committed crimes or dropped out of school, using an in resident program of 3 to 5 months to educate, discipline and prepare them for a productive life. Raising funds, managing funds and providing follow-up education stipends.

Experience Summary, 1977-2015: Commander at various units; Senior Mentor for Air Force Reserve Commander Course; Board President for national aircrew trainee selection; Aircraft Accident Investigation Board President; flight instrument refresher instructor for national program, aircraft mechanic, flight engineer.

My formal education includes: MS, Aeronautical Science, Embry Riddle University 1990; BS, Industrial Technology, Southern Illinois University, 1985; AS, Flight Engineer Technology, Community College of the Air Force, 1982; Lean Six Sigma graduate, University of Tennessee; Numerous military schools and training programs to develop followership, leadership, teamwork, skill/program improvement and innovation.

In summary, whether elected or not, I will continue to support all things good for Hot Springs Village and be a positive voice for this incredible community.


Marcie Mermel Hot Springs Village

I believe financial integrity is the first, most important element of managing a community such as Hot Springs Village, from a Board Member’s perspective. Second is developing a plan that incorporates many factors, one of which is Land Management. I do not agree with any additional assessment increases before we fully know and are in control of our spending.

A Board Director must have an understanding of what a POA/HOA is and are experienced leaders having (or the willingness to acquire) competencies in financial analysis, group/public communications, fair and decisive group decision-making, and an aptitude for strategic planning with measurability and metrics.

Now in our third year of the previous assessment increase, it is time to review the justification presented at that vote. We need to compare where we are today to what we were told was critical – the “Big Red Blob”.

Investigation is necessary regarding issues such as why we still do not have commercial assessment rates (commercial buildings/business pay the same assessment fee that we do for our homes: per water meter); and what the plan is to access our back-up water supply.

Directors must have the ability to prioritize without prejudice, influence, or ego, and possess the integrity to act on promises made, even when difficult; and the fortitude to admit mistakes made, whether in policy or employment, and act swiftly to correct.

With a BS in Business Administration from the University of Illinois (1978), I am CCIM-Credentialed and an Illinois Licensed Commercial RE Broker from 1984 to 2015 as well as a RE Instructor from 1985 to 1994. For most of my career, I worked in Small Business Administration (SBA) lending with two National firms as AVP of their Midwest territories, I managed my own consulting firm from 2001 to 2015. I would be happy to supply my complete CV at your request.

I purchased a home in 2011 and became a fulltime resident in 2013.

I have served as a POA Board Director (2015-2018) and Parliamentarian/Corporate Secretary in 2020 (resigning 9/16/20 due to mother’s death with an extended stay in Chicago). I am the Creator/Facilitator of the original Village Values (2016), and have served as a Director on both the Library and Chamber Boards. I am a trained Facilitator in Business Visioning/Goal Setting and have been utilized by our F&P Committee’s Strategic Planning Workgroup and the HSV Chamber of Commerce.

Why I wish to serve? The Village deserves the opportunity to once again thrive in the image and intent in which it was created. We all deserve the truth and open, honest, communication. Between Board members, Committee members, and employees, we still do not have expertise in every and all areas needed to manage a such a large community successfully and efficiently. We need to identify our weaknesses and seek professional help from outside resources.

For more information, clarification, or to share your ideas and vision for the Village, please do not hesitate to contact me at, or call/text 312.925.2020.


Mark Quinton Hot Springs Village 2024 Board Candidate

Hot Springs Village has been my home since 2018, when I relocated from Louisiana. Although my wife and I have experienced 7 different states and 8 moves from promotions. Arkansas and HSV top them all. My best friend and my wife Tammy currently owns and operates a dog grooming business here in the Village.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Masters degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Movement). Those credentials carried me through a 20+ year career as a sales, marketing and training professional in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, reaching a National Director role with AstraZeneca.

I also honed my management and leadership skills as the Chief Executive Officer of a Collections Services Bureau, and as the owner of my own commercial hockey arena. Those 6 years as a business owner were particularly meaningful, acquiring skills in business plan development, the art of securing individual and corporate investors, and financing and constructing a $2M facility. During this time. I volunteered in the community as the Better Business Bureau President, United Way Chairman, and Rotary member.

I have been a Pro Staffer for Hoyt Archery for 25 years winning tournaments all over the US.

Even more important in my candidacy for a seat on the POA Board, is my exposure to the wants and needs of Hot Springs Village.

In May 2023, I was appointed to the HSV Board of Directors for a one year term that I am currently serving and have immersed myself in all aspects of the governance of the Village. I am currently the Board of Directors liaison for the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

I began serving on the HSV Recreation Committee in 2018, ultimately moving into the Co-Chair role.

More recently, I served on HSV’s AdHoc Land Committee, evaluating Cooper Communities land holdings, and their potential impact on HSV. The Board’s recent decisions to execute on our recommendations evidences what we accomplished.

I am also on the planning committee for the 2023 Urban Hunt and played a key role in bringing HSV’s Archery Range into operation.

I am currently serving on the Board of Directors since May 2023 and have learned a lot about what we can do to continue to be a better place to live by being fiscally responsible, and updating our infrastructure.

My unique blend of creativity, analytical skills, and directness with diplomacy have allowed me to resolve issues thought to be insurmountable.

With no personal agenda, I am prepared to continue to commit my time and talent to representing all of HSV’s property owners by addressing the challenges ahead to preserve what we have for generations to come. I am respectfully asking for your vote.

Mark Quinton