Get ready, villagers! The total solar eclipse scheduled for April 8, 2024, is gearing up to be an extraordinary astronomical spectacle, and you’re in for a treat as the village is perfectly positioned along its path. What makes this path of totality particularly thrilling? It’s a rarity. While total solar eclipses occur somewhere on Earth once or twice a year, having one unfold in the United States doesn’t happen too frequently. So, mark your calendars for this special celestial event!

Picture this:

If you were to draw a line from Texas all the way to Maine, you’d notice something fascinating – the slender path of totality slices right through our charming village! While the rest of the nation can peek at a partial eclipse with the right protective filters, those fortunate enough to be within the path of totality are in for a unique experience. Picture several minutes of daytime turning into darkness, and here’s the kicker – you can actually see the Sun’s ethereal white corona with the naked eye! Just remember to use special eclipse glasses or filters during the partial phases. The corona, often called the crown, is a sight exclusive to total solar eclipses. Gear up for a truly spectacular show!

Pick your spot!

Given the abundant tree cover in our village, observing the eclipse from some locations might pose a challenge. To enhance everyone’s viewing experience, the village will officially designate sites for eclipse watch parties, and some churches plan to offer their location for viewing. These selected locations will be chosen to provide optimal visibility and ensure an unobstructed view of the celestial event. Get ready to gather at these designated spots for an unforgettable eclipse-watching experience! Stay tuned for the list of viewing spots.

Fun and excitement are coming to the Village!

To help usher in this momentous eclipse experience, Hot Springs Village has a whole lineup of exciting events being planned. To list a few: a miniature golf tournament organized by the Optimist Club, a BBQ dinner hosted by the Kiwanis, a free Colt and the Old 45s concert sponsored by the Village Concert Association, an 18-hole member/guest golf tournament, fun and games at the Balboa Pavilion on Sunday and eclipse-Monday, help from the Camera Club on how to take eclipse pictures and much more! As you can see, it will be an extended weekend of fun and excitement!

As the date approaches, keep your eyes peeled for more details about the above and additional activities planned for the solar eclipse weekend. You won’t want to miss out on the exciting and fun festivities in Hot Springs Village preceding this astronomical event!

Special eclipse-themed t-shirts will also be available for purchase to add a touch of festivity, so you can gear up and commemorate this superterrestrial event in style. Stay tuned for updates, and prepare to make the most of this exciting extended weekend eclipse celebration!

CGI rendition of total eclipse over the Ouachita Mountains

By Cheryl Dowden

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