In the wake of a devastating tornado that tore through the village, leaving the HSV Tennis Center in ruins, the  HSV Tennis Association mobilized a dedicated team of volunteers to spearhead the cleanup efforts.

Dan & Ann Bowholtz, Randy Bruno, Chas Brunk, Sharon Cherrnay, Chris Dern, Jim Dothage, Paul & Laura Hedgpeth, Rick Meyers, and Steve Wright are just a few of the selfless individuals who answered the call for help. Their tireless efforts have been instrumental in clearing debris and restoring the Tennis Center to its former glory.

Community Rallies to Restore HSV Tennis Center 1
Rallying together to serve our community

In addition to these dedicated volunteers, Dominique Kohlenberger, Jim & Karen Roberts, Dave Sparks, and Deby Sweatt have also contributed significantly to the cleanup efforts.

A special acknowledgment is extended to Charlene Reinsch, whose meticulous attention to detail and tireless dedication have been invaluable. Her efforts in removing shattered windshield glass from the parking lot and sweeping the hard courts have expedited the cleanup process and ensured the safety of all involved.

Community Rallies to Restore HSV Tennis Center 5
Working hard to restore the Tennis Center

The HSV Tennis Center extends its heartfelt gratitude to each and every volunteer who has generously donated their time and resources to restore the facility. Their unwavering support and dedication exemplify the true spirit of community and solidarity.

As the cleanup efforts continue, the HSV Tennis Association remains committed to rebuilding the Tennis Center and providing a safe and welcoming space for tennis enthusiasts of all ages. Together, with the continued support of volunteers and supporters, the Tennis Center will emerge stronger than ever before.

By Nicole De La Cruz; Photography submitted by Nicole De La Cruz

Community Rallies to Restore HSV Tennis Center 3
Cleaning up the Tennis Center after the tornado struck

 Featured image: Members of the HSV Tennis Center – Strength in Unity!

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