You Ask – Charlie Brown Answers in Compliance Corner with Charlie Brown – Volume 5

Charlie Brown, HSVPOA Director of Compliance & Contract Management, responded to five questions on assorted topics this week.

Compliance-related questions may be asked in the comment section of the HSV Gazette website or submitted to Thanks!

Q – Why doesn’t the POA create a code that non-resident owners must maintain their lots so that rotten trees will not be allowed to endanger a homeowner’s lot that is next door? This seems like a simple fix.

A – Unimproved lot maintenance (specifically trees threatening other properties) is being discussed.   

Q – A neighbor has several completely dead pine trees on their property that seem like they’re gonna fall on my house. Can the POA make my neighbor cut them down?

A – (Please see answer above.)

Q – Are visitors allowed to launch boats here? I lived in a private lake community before and that was not allowed. Just curious.

A – No.  Visitors by policy are not sponsored guests (see policy below) and cannot use any amenities.   Sponsored guests are sponsored by a member and may use the amenities at the guest rate.  Visitors have a pink dash pass, and sponsored guests have other colored passes.  Work Pass holders are also prohibited from using any amenity. 

“Guest – Issued to guests of Members and individuals with a short-term rental arrangement. The name of the guest, the sponsoring party and an expiration date must appear on the card. The expiration date will not exceed the length of stay or term of lease and generally, should not exceed thirty days. Eligible for “Guest” rate.”

Visitor – Issued to persons who are not Members nor guests of Members who seek to enter the Village and have proof of authorized entry from a POA approved entity such as a church, service club, business, professional practice, or ticketed event or activity at which Visitor attendance has been approved. Vendors who provide services to Members and residents are considered Visitors and must have proof of authorized entry. Visitors are eligible for access only to their sponsoring entity and are not eligible for access to POA recreational amenities (unless included in a purchased event or activity).”

Work – Issued to those persons who are working in the Village that are not residents nor Members. This identification card is only for access to the Village, and not for recreational uses.

Reference: Policy Guide, Chapter 1, Article 5 Section 5.

Q – I’m interested in knowing which lakes nonresidents can use for enjoyment. So much conflict and confusion about gate guards giving dash cards to someone with a work pass sticker and my husband was given a warning citation once for having a work pass sticker even tho his pay stub was on his dash beside it, showing he paid the $10 for day use and was told to call if he had questions. That call got him told by a compliance worker that the pay boxes were for the residents, which makes no sense.

A – Non-members may not use any lakes or other amenities without being sponsored by a member taking responsibility for the guest they sponsor.  Only members and sponsored guests may pay the $10.00 lake use fee at the kiosk.  Work pass holders or other non-members who are not sponsored guests cannot pay the $10.00 fee to use the lake because they are prohibited from using the amenities.  POA members may buy an annual decal for lake usage rather than paying the day-use fee. 

Q – Is it a requirement to keep our driveway power-washed? Someone told me that Compliance was issuing tickets to people and making them powerwash their driveway. Is this true?

A – No, not specifically power washed.  However, all exterior premises must be maintained and kept clean.  See the rule below.  

“2.3 Exterior Property Premises a. Exterior property premises must be maintained free from hazardous conditions, building materials (other than active construction sites), appliances, household items, rubbish, garbage, debris, and similar items, including at yards, sidewalks, driveways, carports, porches, walkways, stairs, parking spaces, and similar areas not completely enclosed. b. The following items are prohibited within front and side yards and within 20 feet of golf courses and lakes: i. Items covered with tarps, which are further restricted from the rear yard of lots abutting golf courses and lakes ii. Vegetable gardens iii. Stacks of firewood, except in a side yard in a finished firewood rack or enclosure designed for storing firewood i. Playground equipment ii. Swimming pools and hot tubs iii. Gazebos iv. Containment fences v. Storage sheds, which are further restricted from the rear yard of lots abutting golf courses and lakes c. Excess yard items or items considered not aesthetically pleasing or that devalues neighboring properties will be submitted to the ACC as a compliance case for review and approval or denial. d. No dumping is allowed on the properties (as defined in Declarations, Article 1, Section 1 b). e. Exterior lighting affecting other properties may be considered a nuisance violation. f. All structures must be maintained in good repair, including painted or stained surfaces.”

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