You Ask – Charlie Brown Answers in Compliance Corner With Charlie Brown – Volume 6

Charlie Brown, HSVPOA Director of Compliance & Contract Management, responded to seven questions on assorted topics in Compliance Corner with Charlie Brown Volume 6.

Compliance-related questions may be asked in the comment section of the HSV Gazette website or submitted to Thanks!

Q –  Are the Rules & Regulations being changed?  

A – After almost a year of work on the rules & regulations, the Board of Directors voted to approve the August 16, 2023, version.   An Ad-Hoc Committee, staff, Board of Directors, and public input were considered for this newest version.

Q – How are members supposed to know all the rules/policies? 

A – Members can go to the HSVPOA website, members- governance – governing documents section to review all our governing documents, including HSV Ordinances.  

Here is the link: Governing Documents (

Q – Are boat docks required to be maintained? There are several on Lake Cortez in disrepair. Who is responsible for enforcing any policies in this regard?

A – Yes, boat docks are required to be maintained just as all other structures on the property.  Code enforcement has the primary responsibility for the enforcement of this; however, all POA employees have the authority to enforce governing documents.   Ref: Declaration Article XII; Protective Covenants Section 30; General Rules & Regulations 2.3. 

Q – Some fairly unstable-looking 35-40 feet pines are on a vacant lot beside me. How do I contact the responsible party for this lot before there is a terrible accident due to the deterioration of these trees?

Q – What do I do if my next-door neighbor has rotten trees that could fall on my house and his lot is a mess, when every letter I have sent the owner to notify him of this comes back undelivered?

A – This is a tough issue as it is private property, and any damage incurred from adjacent properties may be a civil matter.  You can contact the POA and we may attempt to contact the property owner if the threat is imminent. However, the matter is not the POA’s responsibility.   

You can go to the county website at ACTDATASCOUT.COM to attempt to find the owners of the property.  The mailing address may be updated on this site.  

Q – I hear you do not need a permit if you are just doing maintenance on homes or maintenance on landscaping, is this correct?  

A – That is correct.  If you are not changing the footprint or aesthetics of a structure, you do not need a permit.  Plumbing (piping involved), electrical, roofing, and HVAC need permits.  No permit is needed if you replace or clean up what was previously approved.  It should be noted permits and inspections are not only to ensure our rules and regulations are followed but to protect property owners by ensuring construction work meets all applicable codes.  Our building Inspectors inspect construction projects guided by code, are licensed by the state, and have extensive building experience. 

Examples: changing vinyl siding to brick requires a permit.  Painting the same color would not need a permit.  Changing a water faucet does not require a permit, but moving sinks and rerouting plumbing would require a permit.  Replacing gravel in an already permitted gravel yard with gravel similar in color and size does not need a permit.  Changing sod to gravel needs a permit. 

Q – Recently, a Hot Springs Village man and registered sex offender was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant for allegedly exposing himself in the Lake Balboa Beach area. I believe that Beach Patrol falls under the umbrella of the Compliance Department. Is there any way Beach Patrol could be on the lookout for sex offenders trying to enter the beach? What else can HSVPOA do to keep our children safe while they visit our beaches and playgrounds? 

A – Yes, the Compliance Division oversees the Beach Patrol. Our Beach Patrol ensures that those using the beach are authorized to do so and that the rules are followed. Beach Patrol is not a law enforcement position, and they do not have the authority to ask about sex offender registration. Sex offenders are only required to register the address of their domicile, and there is no requirement to” self-identify” when out in public. While this is a very important concern, protecting children rests upon the adult supervision required at the beach. (Special thanks to Tommy Benfield, Compliance Division Supervisor.)

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