Charlie Brown, Hot Springs Village POA Director of Compliance & Contract Management, has agreed to host a Compliance Corner series and answer Villagers’ questions on compliance matters related to his Department. We need your participation to make this series a success. We thought we would kick off the series with a short introduction and an overview of Charlie’s area of oversight.

Charlie began his career in service to the United States Coast Guard, where he spent five years in aviation, specifically Search and Rescue in Law Enforcement. This was a fast-paced career with frequent, often daily, search and rescue calls or chasing drug smugglers.

Brown was stationed at five different duty stations in the Coast Guard, initially in Cape May, New Jersey, then moving to Kodiak, Alaska, and next to Humboldt Bay, California. Humboldt Bay is where Brown met his wife, Michelle, who also served in the Coast Guard. The next duty station was Elizabeth City, North Carolina; he was finally assigned to New Orleans.

Brown said, “Working for the Coast Guard gave me the passion for a career working in fast-paced, intense, and stressful situations.”

Seeking a highly challenging career after serving in the Coast Guard, Brown took a job with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, where for ten years, he was assigned to the U.S Marshall Service Air Operations Division. Brown was appointed to several duty stations in his FBOP career, finishing up at the Atlanta, Georgia Residential Re-entry Office, where he was in charge of all residential re-entry centers, contract detention centers and jails, and home confinements in Georgia and South Carolina. Both careers afforded Brown to indulge his passion for travel and a chance to see the country.

Brown retired from the FBOP in July 2015 and began working for the POA the same month. At first, Brown thought he would work a part-time job and started with Beach Patrol, but after a season, he was offered a full-time position as Outdoor Recreation Manager.

Eventually, he moved to the Compliance Department, which allowed him to be involved in the community in a strong sense of deed protection and help to maintain property values and quality of life in Hot Springs Village. This is the primary mission and goal of the HSV POA Code Enforcement Department, where the Director is over several divisions which include:

  • Permitting and Inspections: Issuing permits for construction projects and inspecting the work by licensed building inspectors.
  • Compliance: This division ensures that Villagers comply with the Rules and Regulations and other governing documents to meet Village upkeep requirements to maintain property values.
  • Animal Control: Ensuring Villagers’ safety (regarding stray and wild animals) and animal safety, health, and welfare.
  • Development: This is focused on new and proposed commercial construction projects. Brown is currently looking at several new commercial development proposals. There is some interest in future lodging development. Right now, this is only in the early preliminary stages of review.
  • Contract Management: This division manages contracts for the POA, including but not limited to food and beverage contracts.

When not working at the POA, Brown enjoys taking advantage of the area’s natural resources with activities like bicycling, kayaking, and hiking. He also likes to travel and has his private pilot’s license.

Compliance-related questions may be asked in the comment section of this article. Thank you.

Compliance Corner

With Director Charlie Brown

By Cheryl Dowden