In a recent article, we said, “In late March, the spa area at the Hot Springs Village Coronado Community Center was closed to the public due to safety issues. Previously, the spa was unsightly and unsafe, rife with leaks, electrical problems, heating and air issues, and drywall problems. All of the metal in the room had rusted. The steam room was non-operational. It was time for a change.”

What a difference in the “hot” room at the fitness center!

At the Tuesday, June 13, Hot Springs Village POA Meet and Greet, Villagers were given a sneak peek of the newly refurbished spa area. The Coronado Fitness Center Spa area recently received a makeover that included new HVAC, insulation, plastic ceiling installation, new floor, plumbing, electrical, paint, and other miscellaneous items. All of this was done for under $50,000.

The area has a fresh, clean new look. While appearances matter, of course, safety was the priority.

This work was mainly accomplished using in-house labor, under the supervision of project manager Mike Sykora, Buildings and Maintenance Manager, with the assistance of Gary Porter, Fitness Center Maintenance. 

Once the hot tub is filled and the Arkansas Department of Health inspects and signs off on the project, Fitness Center patrons will again enjoy the facility.

By Cheryl Dowden; photography by Cheryl Dowden