At the July 20, 2022 Board Meeting, the Board passed a motion to allow the General Manager to authorize the execution of a contract with Krapff-Reynolds Construction Company to rehabilitate the culverts selected by the HSVPOA in accordance with our multi-year plan to address all storm pipes in need of maintenance. The contract amount is $406,970.00 and will be charged to the Culvert Rehab/ Replacement project not to exceed $450,000.00. There is an allowance for a $40,000 contingency in the case of unforeseen deterioration that will require additional material to rehabilitate properly. (Krapff-Reynolds is located in Pine Bluff, AR.)

The project will consist of 21 culverts spread out over 10 locations. The total linear footage is 1,180 feet with a diameter range of 42” – 66”. Each culvert being addressed is classified as a Type I orType II condition. Type I and II are our most deteriorated culverts and need to be rehabilitated before they collapse. The product being sprayed on the culverts is called Storm Seal.

This project represents approximately half of Type I and Type II large culverts. “It is a big chunk of the really bad culverts that we have,” stated Unger. This project will take care of some of the largest culverts, in the worst condition in the Village. “If you remember the DeSoto culvert replacement (by the pickleball courts), it cost around $180,000 to $200,000, by the time it was done. We are getting the equivalent of 20 times that for $400,000. We don’t have to open up any roads. We don’t have to cordon off any roads. We had an engineer out here today (July 20) inspecting what was going on by these contractors using this product on Maderas and he said ‘they are doing a good job. They are doing it per the manufacturer’s specification.’ As far as we are concerned, this is the best approach we can get right now to fix these culverts.”

Hale said, “As Ken said, this is going to cover almost fifty percent of the [large] Type 1’s and 2’s that were identified a couple of years ago that had to be done.”

As a pilot project, the POA contracted with Krapff-Reynolds Construction Company for the Maderas culvert project. Below are some photos of this culvert rehab project which was recently completed using the cementitious procedure.

Culvert Rehabilitation Project Hot Springs Village 2
Maderas Culverts Before Repair
Culvert Rehabilitation Project Hot Springs Village
Maderas Culvert Rehabilitation

Director of Public Services, Ken Unger, said, “We’re in the process of doing the various culverts you previously approved. This is a cementitious lining process where they are literally spraying concrete inside of the culverts.” Unger said the useful life of this procedure is 25 to 30 years. He said he thought the repair may last even longer.

General Manager, Kelly Hale, stated, “These are the big ones that we do not feel comfortable doing in-house because of the size of them and Matt [Broome’s] team will be able to handle the majority of the culvert repairs (the smaller culverts). The staff has located numerous culvert repair materials “in the woods,” which they are using to complete the repair of the smaller culverts.

Board Chair, Joanie Corry, said that she feels confident about the approval process because of the various approval levels the project has gone through. These levels include Public Services Committee, the Public Services Director, the General Manager, and the Controller.

Hale stated, “There is a six-step [approval] process before we spend this money.”

Edited to add: At the time this article was published, I talked to Mr. Unger and he said the work on the 21 culverts has commenced.

Contact Information For Public Services Director

Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village

Report by Cheryl Dowden