Edited to add on Thursday, November 2, 2023, per Katy Harmon, Lakes Supervisor


Trucks will begin hauling material today from Lake Sophia (Thursday, November 2nd). Trucks will be entering/exiting the lake on Panorama Drive and will then make a turn on El Cano Drive. If traveling along El Cano Drive and/or Panorama Drive please watch for signs, SLOW DOWN, and use caution in this area. 

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As stated in the HSV Gazette, the drawdown of Lakes Sophia and Maria is scheduled to begin today, Monday, October 2, 2023. Previously, we reported, “Drawdowns on Hot Springs Village lakes are done in a rotating schedule for silt removal, to reduce the reoccurrence of aquatic vegetation, and to improve shoreline access and water quality. The drawdowns allow the shoreliners to perform maintenance on their existing docks and seawalls or construct new ones.” Click here to read the previous article.

Lakes Sophia and Maria drawdown has begun

Hot Springs Village POA Lakes Supervisor Katy Harmon said, “We have opened both valves this morning and will be monitoring the water levels daily.”

Be careful not to disturb the rope

“I would advise all Property Owners and their guests to pay attention when along the dam of both lakes. Lakes Management has installed a large staff plate to monitor the water levels. The staff plates are sticking out of the water (about 10′ -15′ off the dam) and have a rope attached to the dam. A pink ribbon is tied to both. Please do not tamper or go over the rope in the water as it will affect the accuracy of the water level,” Harmon shared.

Drawdown can reveal odor from organic material

“Property Owners should also be aware that there is sometimes a strong smell coming from the area of the outflow pipes on each lake. The smell is not sewage. It is simply organic materials being sucked out from the bottom of the lakes,” explained the Supervisor.

Expect boat ramps to be closed when it is deemed unsafe to launch or load boats

Harmon explained, “Lakes Management will also monitor each boat ramp on Lake Sophia and Lake Maria. Once the water reaches an unsafe level to launch or load, we will close both boat ramps (I would estimate the end of this week or early next week).”

If you have any questions, please email Katy Harmon, Lakes Supervisor, HSVPOA, at kharmon@hsvpoa.org.

The Lakes Management Department thanks you for your patience as they work to complete these projects.

Staff plate used to measure water level during the lake drawdown

Information and photography provided by Katy Harmon

Click here to visit the Hot Springs Village POA Lakes Committee website.