Pastor Bob and Mary Benke suffered a devastating house fire on Sunday, July 24, 2022

“Pastor Bob and Mary Benke suffered a tragic loss when their house caught fire on Sunday, July 24th. By the grace of God, Bob and Mary are physically okay. Unfortunately, they lost everything – their home, all of their belongings, and sadly, their beloved dogs Baxter and Coco. They now face the long and difficult journey of rebuilding their life, starting with finding a place to live, facing the mountain of insurance paperwork, purchasing what items can be replaced, and grieving for everything they lost.”

“Bob and Mary have been pillars of their church and communities for many years. They’ve helped so many others in their time of need, and now it’s time for us to do the same for them. As no one knows how long it will take for insurance to come through, they could use help with their living expenses in the meantime. Any little bit would be so, so appreciated.”

Click here to visit the Benke Go Fund Me site.

Thank you for your help and prayers during this difficult time.

Fire Devastates Local Pastors Home in HSV Firetruck