Message from Cheryl: Flint reached out to me earlier today, but I was in a meeting and unable to talk to him. Later this evening, I found out that, much to Flint’s dismay, he could no longer keep his restaurant going. He sent me the following press release.

Good afternoon, Hot Springs Village Area and Guests,

If I can, let me tell you how deeply saddened I am to bring this to you.

I wanted a life-long relationship with the wonderful people of the Village (like no other), but due to some family issues here in Little Rock, my long commute each day to Hot Springs Village caused a problem with my family.

Secondly, running restaurants in both Little Rock and Hot Springs Village is difficult.

Although my thought before this venture was strictly about providing a loving and homey restaurant in the Village, I’m texting from a doctor’s bed!

I forgot the wear and tear on not only me but my family. If, in your prayers, you have room to pray for me and my family, please don’t hesitate.

Again, I’m deeply sorry for this inconvenience or life partnering time we will not spend together, HSV.

Please continue to wish me and my family well as we try to go forward.


Flint Flenoy, Owner of Flint’s Southern Spoon

Here is a link to the original article.

Flint Flenoy of Flints Southern Spoon Pens Letter to HSV inside image