At May 17, 2023, HSVPOA Board Meeting, Chair Joanie Corry presented retired United States Air Force 3-Star General Jeff Lofgren with the prestigious Chairman’s award because of his outstanding contributions to Hot Springs Village.

Still employed as a Senior Mentor and highly qualified expert in his field, Jeff has accomplished several major tasks for Hot Springs Village. Some of General Lofgren’s community achievements include:

  • Senior Advisor to the HSV Veterans Memorial Foundation
  • Finance and Planning Committee Member since December 2020
  • Chair of the Future Revenue Analysis Task Force (FRATF) since late 2020 or early 2021
    • As Chair of FRATF, the General helped to gather and analyze information related to HSV deferred infrastructure issues. He led the task force, ultimately passing a three-year phased-in assessment increase. Corry said, “Because of this task force, the Board was provided with information that allowed us to understand our issues with infrastructure and what we needed in assessments at that time.”
  • Chair of the ad hoc Cooper Land Evaluation Committee in 2022
    • This committee analyzed all Cooper Communities properties listed for sale and provided recommendations to the Board of Directors on what the POA needed to purchase. Some of the land acquired was negotiated to be low or no cost to the POA.

“I think all of you can agree that Jeff is well deserving of this award,” expressed Corry.

By Cheryl Dowden