Staffing and Restructuring

At the May 18, 2022 Board Meeting, General Manager, Kelly Hale told the Board that they continue to stay focused on staffing. “We are actually in a better position than we have been in the last two years. We are down to 28 open positions.” This includes the seasonal positions.

Three key senior staff positions have been replaced – Controller, Director of Public Services, and Director of Human Resources.

Hale said, “There was a large turnover in the Accounting Department. As of yesterday, I am pleased to report that we have backfilled all those positions between the Accounting Department and Member Services.”

Member Services is being restructured and streamlined. “We have streamlined and moved the verticals for different departments and realigned those under different directors so that we get a better fit. We’re not crossing over and it is going to save us money and we have actually been able to repurpose some jobs.”

Board Retreat

Hale reported that the first day of the Board Director’s annual retreat consisted of staff giving overviews of all of the departments. He said the team is energetic, focused, and confident.

“The major topic of the Board Retreat was infrastructure maintenance and repair. “You are going to see a lot of work starting to happen very quickly. We will continue to manage very strategically through the inflationary environment that everybody should be aware of.”

HSVPOA GM, Kelly Hale

Public Services

Hale said his use of the word ‘strategic’ means that they are focused on not wasting the money, but are still moving forward with the things they need.

More work is being done in-house, but the use of vendors will still be a critical part of what we do. We are doing more street work and will be purchasing a hot box which will allow us to do more asphalt work, in-house.

Please pay attention to the mowers and the blocker truck with the lights on. Please be respectful of the mowers.

Relationships with the Schools

“We’ve been continuing to support our relationships with the local schools – Jessieville, Fountain Lake, Saline Tech, National Park, and Mountain Pine. “We did net 22 total people out of 56 applications.” We will continue to build relationships with the schools.

Lot Strategies

“We will continue to implement strategies on selling our properties…We will work with our real estate partners.” We are also working with people who are in arrears on their assessments. “We have a letter campaign that is working very well.”

Audit and Accounting Department

The Accounting Department is working on completing the 2021 audit.

Member Services and the Accounting Department normally has a staff of 19 employees. We lost nine of these employees in a one-month period.

The report to the members is being restructured to a more condensed version. There will still be a lot of detail but the report will be easier to understand.

Additionally, we found information that still needed to be provided to the auditors.


The PIckleball Club had a successful tournament. We encourage our members to use the amenities.

Craig Rosengarten and Golf

Hot Springs Village hosted avid golfer, Craig Rosengarten. Rosengarten has a Dallas radio station, KTCK. The Village uses this station to advertise golf.

Arkansas Department of Tourism

The Arkansas Department of Tourism visited Isabella Golf Course on May 16 for a professional photoshoot.

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