Central Region Metroplan Property Codes

On July 21, 2022, at the Architectural Control Committee meeting (ACC), Quorum Court Judge, Keith Keck, presented a draft of recommended city codes for smaller cities, developed by the Central Region Metroplan. Keck asked the ACC to take a look and see if there was anything in the proposed plan that the POA could use. Click here to read, “Metroplan Recommends City Code for Smaller Cities”.

Property Owner Seeks Clarification and Review on Recent ACC Denial

A Property Owner received a denial at the previous ACC meeting and he wanted clarity and a review of the denial.

The ACC said the trees on the adjacent vacant lot he owned were cut without a permit. The Property Owner said this is not the case, having received a permit in August 2021. The Property Owner cut the trees so he could install a gravel parking area.

The ACC stated that the Property Owner paid a $150 fine for cutting the trees, but he did not receive a permit.

Board Director, Tucker Omohundro, said this issue is not about getting a permit. The rule is that “you are not allowed to park vehicles on an adjacent or vacant lot.”

The Property Owner stated his family has five vehicles and asked what his options are if he cannot park on the vacant lot as street parking is a safety concern.

Lake Home Sale is Conditioned on Ability to Install a Covered Boat Dock

There is only 53′ of of shoreline at this property and the rules state there should be 20′ clear on each side of the dock. The ACC said they can issue a waiver, as they have issued this type of waiver in the past.

Existing Home Permits Approved by the ACC

2 Solaz Way – Fence – Approved with a variance

15 Gusta Lane – Deck/Patio – Approved

8 Paraiso Lane – Dock – Approved

14 Innovacion Lane – Landscaping for new home – Approved

7 Magellan Circle – Landscaping – The Townhouse Association preapproved this project. The Property Owner wants a retaining wall and various types of new plantings – Approved

31 Fachado Drive – Variance for house placement. This is a Renaissance Home and the builder wants to change setback from 30′ to 20′ – Approved

4 Levantino Lane – Variance for house placement – The plans show a two encroachments – one in the front yard and another in the back yard. It is desired to decrease the easement to 7 and 1/2 feet instead of 10′ in the backyard. Only the corner of the garage will encroach in the backyard. – Approved

35 Tiburon Way – Dock – Wants a walkway off of boat house to a swim dock. Janet Rowe is going to check and see if we allow two docks on one property – Tentative approval if rules allow two docks.

24 Romano Lane – Dock – Approved

60 Majorca Drive – Deck – Repair and replace the existing deck. – Approved

90 Majorca Drive – Deck – Upper deck is in place and Property Owner wants to install a lower deck – Approved

21 Valls Lane – Parking – Approved

19 Satona Way – Covered Dock – Approved

5 Sierra Lane – Dock roof – Approved

11 Accesso Lane – Room addition – Approved

53 Saldana Way – Boat lift – Floating dock structure. Property Owner wants install a floating lift. – Approved

11 S. Caslas Lane – Landscaping – Approved

53 Sierra Drive – Parking – Remove a driveway and install another. – Driveway not approved but landscaping is.

The Chair said that ACC reviews new homes. “We do look at every new home that comes through,” said Rowe.

New Home Permits Approved

4 Sobresalir Lane

5 Comillas Lane

14 Binefar Lane

16 Altiplano Circle

22 Maravilla Way

67 Elcano Drive

Report by Cheryl Dowden