A Unique, Fun, and Informal Way for HSV Area Motorcyclists to Connect!

“If you ride, we have something in common.”

Robert Burditt, Founder of Hot Springs Village Area Bike Night

Devoted motorcyclist and Hot Springs Village Area Bike Night founder Robert Burditt said, “Being an avid motorcyclist in Hot Springs Village, I had been looking for a way to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Even though there are a couple of formal motorcycle groups in the Village,  Bike Night allows meeting up with other motorcyclists without the formality of becoming a ‘group’ member. Instead, these events allow the enthusiast to connect with like-minded riders for future rides/events and to socialize with all motorcyclists. For this reason, I started a Facebook Group to gauge interest and got 50 members in less than a week, with over 180 today. This is not a formal club but a collective meet-up for all the local motorcyclists of the Hot Springs Village area.  Whether you ride Street, Sports, Adventure Tour, Cruiser, Dirt, Sport Tour, 3-Wheel, or Vintage, this is an opportunity to connect with fellow motorcyclists in the Village.” 

Burditt shared, “After holding the Bike Night meet-ups for about a year, I have found several of my thoughts true:”

  • The meet-up attracts many different types of folks.
  • Motorcycling is a universal language for those who participate.
  • The demographics are broad.

“Even though many of the participants have other motorcycle group associations, the connection of the Hot Springs Village area adds another common bond and allows folks to have a local connection associated with this hobby in this great area of the state we all live in,” continued Burditt. He said 30 to 80 folks stop by on Bike Night to kick tires, converse, and enjoy Bike Night’s camaraderie.

When asked why he chose Wine Down (formerly WayPoint) as the venue and Wednesdays to meet up, Robert enthused, “It is a beautiful location, and Wednesdays are typically a lower volume day for restaurants. We wanted to promote the restaurant and help with the business.”

Bike Night is held on Wednesday nights during spring, summer, and fall from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Wine Down at DeSoto Marina at 120 Marina Road in Hot Springs Village. Everyone is welcome to attend; you need not own a bike. All you need is an interest in the topic and a desire to socialize with area motorcyclists.

Click here to join the Private HSV Bike Night Facebook Group.

Information compiled by Cheryl Dowden; photos by Robert Burditt and Joe Dowden

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