You Can Win a Bathhouse Row Spa Package!

The Village Arts Project is hosting a hunt for birdhouses. This contest aims to bring awareness to the Villagers about the many talented artists who live in Hot Springs Village. Ten local artists are each decorating a birdhouse, using their creativity and inspiration.

There will be ten birdhouses located at ten different spots around the Village. (Currently, only seven are placed.) The object of the contest is to find each birdhouse (seven locations are listed below) and take your photograph with each one. Email all ten photos to [email protected] or post them on the Village Arts Facebook Group or on the Village Arts Group on Nextdoor. Once you have either emailed all ten photos to Judy Nowak or posted them in the Facebook Group or on Nextdoor, you will be entered into a drawing to win a Bathhouse Row Spa Package. You have until September 10 to locate all ten birdhouses and submit your photos.

There will be a charity auction for the Birdhouses at Balboa Clubhouse at The Turn on September 10, 2022. (More details coming soon.) This auction will benefit the local Boys and Girls Club. 

Seven of the birdhouses are located at: 

1. Village True Value Home Center 

2. The Turn Restaurant – Downstairs Balboa Club

3. Blue Elephant Grill – Granada Golf Course 

4. Artfully Baked and Brewed – 1398 DeSoto Blvd

5. T J’s Wine and Spirits – 110 Este Way 

6. Village Mercantile – 114 Cordoba Center Dr (West Gate)

7. The Dogwood Tree – 25255 AR 5 (East Gate shopping center)

Watch for the rest of the locations, soon to be announced. For more information, please contact [email protected]