Hot Springs Village is a 1000 Points of Light Community

with a LONG history of community spirit and volunteerism

I was inspired to write this article because Parks and Recreation Director, Terry Wiley, spoke to the Tennis Center players, reminding them of the volunteerism history in the Village. When Wiley spoke, it was like a blast from the past for me, and I recalled that the first article Joe wrote on the old website, “Hot Springs Village People,” was about the 1000 Points of Light signs, fountain, and plaque in the Village. At that point in our brand-new ‘website career,’ we were trying to publish something. Anything. A few years and many articles later, I revisited the topic and wrote a more elaborate article about the same subject.

Director Wiley said, “Back in the day, people in the community volunteered. Hot Springs Village won an award from President Bush.”

When you enter the Village at either the East or West Gates, you can see the 1,000 Points of Light signs. Click here to read the 2022 article I wrote called “Hot Springs Village – A Community of Light.” Click here to read “HSV 1000 Points of Light,” authored by Joe.

Sign on Highway 7 Near West Gate

According to the article, “The Village was awarded a “Point of Light” medallion and held the prestigious honor of being the 989th “Point of Light.” And to add to this esteemed honor, “Hot Springs Village was the ONLY COMMUNITY to be recognized and honored by President Bush with this national award.” Newspapers and wire services nationwide picked up the Village Voice article, reiterating that HSV received one of President Bush’s last “Point of Light” awards.

1000 Points of Light Memorial Fountain located at the Ponce de Leon Center

Receiving this award was a BIG deal and something to be proud of. Very proud.

Wiley wants Hot Springs Village residents to adopt the same community spirit as in the past and volunteer their resources and time to make the Village a better place to live. General Manager Kelly Hale has also asked for the same thing.

In this recent article titled “Hot Springs Village Resembles a Co-op – Let’s Move Forward,” Hale stated:

“I appreciate what we have going on. There is a lot of energy. This is our time to take our community back and get it under control. This community was built on volunteerism and engagement. I am going to keep making the message clear. We are like a co-op.”

“Let’s get over it and move forward,” enthused Hale.

Hot Springs Village General Manager, Kelly Hale

We got this. I know we do!

Plaque on the 1000 Points of Light Memorial Fountain

By Cheryl Dowden; Photography by Joe Dowden