Our wonderful gate guards would like to remind all residents, guests, and visitors of the Hot Springs Village of a few procedures that we need everyone to follow!

1. SLOW DOWN! The speed limit as you are entering the gate area is 15 mph. Yes, we see your pretty, fancy fast car but this is not the place to be speeding! By going over the posted speed limit you put the lives of others, our gate guards, and yourself in jeopardy!

2. PAY ATTENTION and decide before entering the gate area which lane you will be traveling in. All residents and contractors with a vehicle decal, please use the right-hand lane during daylight hours. All members WITHOUT a registered decal, please use the left lane and have your member card ready to produce to our guards. All visitors who are traveling to visit family members, appointments, or rentals, please use the left lane and be prepared to provide verification of who you going to see or what business you have here inside the HSV. For example, if you are coming into HSV for a doctor’s appointment, you must show an appointment card or text message on your cell phone verifying your appointment time and date.

3. HEADLIGHTS OFF at night! Trust me we want to get you in the Village as soon as possible, and when it’s dark, it’s simply too hard to be able to see any vehicle decals on your vehicle. That is why it is necessary for you to turn headlights completely off when entering through the gate at night. Again while driving less than 15 mph!

4. USE THE ONLINE SYSTEM TO REGISTER GUESTS AND VISITORS. With the amount of traffic coming through the gate it is impossible for our guards to answer the phone and register visitors and guests. Use this link which is quick, fast, and efficient! It will save you time and ours! Click here to go to the HSV POA Explore the Village Website MEMBER PAGE and then click GATE ACCESS and follow the prompts.

5. If you are a visitor of HSV planning to dine at one of our many fabulous restaurants the restaurant must submit your name to the gate office as a visitor including the date and time of reservation.

6. ALL CARDS MUST BE SCANNED! Our attentive Gate guards are doing the very best they can to ensure all Hot Springs Village gate policies and procedures are enforced. Simply flashing your card at their direction is not acceptable. Please hand your card over with a smile and you will receive your card back momentarily with a Smile.

7. And finally BE NICE!! There are days when over 4000 vehicles enter the Hot Springs Village. Yes, sometimes the lines may be slower than you would like. Our gate guys and gals are doing the very best they can to ensure our success. Patience and kindness are free, and they very much deserve it!

It takes each and every one of us to work together to make HSV the very best place to be!

Hot Springs Village Gate Procedures Reminder