“Paint, Polish, and Preserve Hot Springs Village!”

Hot Springs Village POA General Manager Kelly Hale updated the Board and the community at the May 17, 2023 Board meeting. His report is below.

  • Hot Springs Village experienced historic flooding that affected many of our members and surrounding communities. Our staff have been working continuously to keep our roadways safe and clear debris from lakes, golf courses and other common property. Road collapses that occurred on Pizarro and Brilliante Drive have been repaired, and the roads are now reopened. Landslides that occurred on Barcelona and Jarandilla Drive have been cleared. Our golf courses were also affected, with storm debris and some water damage across all courses. DeSoto was hit the hardest with water damage to cart paths and culvert areas, and we are currently working to address those issues. Our trail system also experienced extensive damage, and we expect repairs to occur over the next few weeks. We received many reports of concerns from our members during the event, and over 80% of these have been addressed so far, with the remainder expected to be completed by the end of this week. The POA appreciates the rapid response to this event from our Public Safety Department, including Fire and Police, as well as the Public Services Department, to ensure we maintained safety throughout our community.
  • We recently held our annual Board Retreat May 2nd through 3rd at the DeSoto Club where we received valuable updates from the department directors. A video of the retreat can be viewed at Hot Springs Village’s official YouTube page.
  • Today we will hear from Communications and Revenue Growth Strategist Pam Avila regarding updates to the Hot Springs Village logo. We are excited to continue our community’s tradition into the future and will be using these updates on our new website once it rolls out later this year.
  • On Saturday, June 17th, we are planning a combined Farmer’s Market and Rock Porch musical event in the evening at Grove Park. The Rock Porch concert is an outdoor event that is offered free to our members, and the Farmer’s Market will be held right next to the concert venue. Food and snacks will also be available for a fee. Stay tuned for more information in our Friday Village Digest for more information.
  • We are holding a Newcomers’ Meet & Greet at the Coronado Community Center on Tuesday, June 13th from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. All of our members are invited to attend to meet our newcomers and introduce yourselves. Representatives of the POA departments and committees will be in the auditorium to meet and answer any questions. We will also have many of our clubs, organizations and churches represented. This will be a fun social event for the entire community, and we hope that our friends and neighbors choose to attend.
  • We continue to grow our volunteer support and donations. We held a fundraiser on Monday night this week that is in conjunction with our community volunteer jam. We have had the HSV Woodworkers group volunteer to create tee box markers for our golf courses. Volunteers have also stepped up to help with updating our mini golf course, and many of our garden clubs are back online as well. We have so many groups that love to share their passion and also enhance the community. Please take time to help your home and continue to find its true beauty.

Volunteerism is what this community is about. It is not very expensive to live here. But if everybody gives a little bit and helps out with things, and we stick with the basic philosophy of the three P’s – ‘Paint, Polish and Preserve our Community’, we’ll have our community back together very soon.

Hot Springs Village General Manager, Kelly Hale