The Hot Spring Village Police Department would like to inform all residents of recent “Police Support” mailings circulating around the village. In just the last week, we have received six different solicitations that our residents have brought to the station for us to look at. Every one of them, although different organizations and mailing addresses, requests a credit card or monetary donation to “Provide support to the Hot Springs Village Police Department.”

While we greatly appreciate the support of any legitimate business and our residents, we DO NOT solicit any donations by mail, phone, or email. Nor do we ever authorize the solicitation of funds in our name. EVER!!!!

While these types of solicitations are legal under the law, their ethics are questionable at best. Only a tiny fraction is donated to charitable organizations. They are misleading and are a national scourge that slips through a loophole and is not categorized as a scam operation, unfortunately.

Please do your research before giving ANYONE your credit card information and or money. Websites such as and can provide information on how much of a donation goes to the cause and how much is spent on overhead.

Local is best; check the Rest” when it comes to supporting any organization in your community.

The men and women of the Hot Springs Village Police are extremely grateful for the deep-rooted community support we have from our residents. Thank you!

Chief Kristi Bennett

Hot Springs Village Police Department