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Continuing road projects

Investing nearly $1.5 million in Hot Springs Village roadways this year, the Public Services Department has several road improvements started and coming up. Since the beginning of 2023, crack sealing on several roadways has continued. The majority of this project has now mostly been completed by our contractor.

Another ongoing project entails our contractor applying substantial patches to numerous damaged regions. Across the Village, this project has been happening for the past few months.

Upcoming planned road projects

The third 2023 road project is to repave Barcelona Road from DeSoto to Malaga Way, which is anticipated to happen in June. To quickly complete the project, detours will be required.

The following project will be repaving several Balearic Road segments, starting around Ponderosa Way and moving eastward. This may cause delays on Balearic Road and should occur in June and July.

In late July or early August, fog sealing and restriping of the remainder of Barcelona Road north and south of DeSoto Boulevard is scheduled. Detours will also be necessary to complete this project.

From DeSoto to Alhaja Lane, Maderas Road will be the site of the following project. Scheduled to begin July 11, this project will use full-depth reclamation to repair a section of the road roughly 600 feet long. The top 2″ of the pavement must be removed, and the remaining 12″ of material in the road area will be churned up, mixed with cement, and rolled out to create a new base that can be covered in a fresh 2″ layer of asphalt. This project aims to build a base for the road to sustain the large loads that continue to harm Village roadways while construction is underway. The hope is to improve water runoff on the road. This project, expected to begin mid-July, will need a four-week traffic detour.

Contact Information for Public Services Director

Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village