On the new Public Services web page located on the Explore the Village Website is a Public Services Request Form. For the convenience of Members, this form can be submitted any time of the day or day of the week, which will help to reduce the number of members being put on hold or leaving a voice mail.

When using the new Public Services Request Form, a Property Owner can choose the appropriate option from the menu. He/She can request services or report issues. The menu items include the following:

  • Reconnect and Disconnect Water Service
  • Water Meter Service Request
  • POA Water Leaks
  • Street Issue
  • Culvert/Drainage Issue
  • Sanitary Sewer Issue
  • Common Property Issue
  • Hazardous Trees
  • Locate Property Corners
  • Shoreline Spraying
  • Lakes/Dams Issue
  • Special Trash Collection, Yard Waste, and At-House Pickups
  • Other

After submitting a request or reporting an issue by using the form, most people will receive an email notification that their form was submitted, If you do not receive an email notification, check your spam filter.

The Public Services Request Form goes to the Public Services Director, Ken Unger, the Public Services staff, Brenda and Jamie, and the appropriate Superintendent. From there the request will be assigned to the person or crew responsible for handling the issue that you reported. If you merely had a question, it will also be sent to the appropriate staff for you to receive an answer.

Using this new system should make it easier for Property Owners to report and solve problems and allow the POA to provide a more streamlined and satisfying customer service experience for the members.

How To Report A Public Service Emergency

The Public Services Request Form may be used for non-emergency requests of the Public Services Department. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REPORT EMERGENCIES. For non-police emergencies, please call 501-922-5524 during normal business hours and 501-922-1323 after normal business hours.

Contact Information For Public Services Director

Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village
[email protected]