HSVGazette.com is sponsoring a trivia contest called, “HSV, How Well Do You Know Your Board Directors?” This is a contest for Hot Springs Village Property Owners and a prize will be awarded to the Property Owner with the most correct responses. You need not be a resident of the Village, but you must own property. In the case of ties, one winner will be drawn from a hat containing the names of all the winners.

Every day for five days, HSVgazette.com will publish seven random facts, one from each Board Director. The object of the contest is to guess which fact goes with each Board Director. This article is for day two of the contest. One lucky winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Melinda’s Cafe and Coffee. Please read the rules carefully.

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Below are the seven questions for Tuesday, May 3, 2022.  Scroll down until you see the comment section in order to enter your guesses.  Only one entry is allowed per article.  You need not copy the question but can use the number.  For example, if you think question one is from Gary Belair, you would say, “Question 1 – Gary.”  If you think question two belongs to Jama Lopez, you would say, “Question 2 – Jama”

It was brought to my attention that by publishing the entries as they come in, some people may use that to their advantage.  This gives an unfair advantage to people who wait to make their guesses until they see what others have to say.  Due to this, contest entries will not be published, in order to keep people from copying.

DAY 2 TRIVIA QUESTIONS – Tuesday, MAY 3, 2022

1 – What Board Directors spent 8 years living on a sailboat traveling around the world?

2 – What Board Director slalom waterskied on January 2 years ago – air temperature and water temperature were the same – 34 degrees?

3 – What Board Director, in the summers, worked on an assembly line in a factory that made car and truck horns?

4 – Who on the Board spent 6 months as a lumberjack in northern Maine?

5 – What Board Director has six siblings, but yet is an only child?

6 – What Board Director once drove a car backward for 6 miles so the odometer wouldn’t change?

7 – What Board Director, while in High School working a summer job, was a member of a two-person crew that hauled and stacked 1,000 bales of hay in one day?

The Hot Springs Village Property Owner Association Board Members are Joanie Corry, Gary Belair, Pam Avila, Bob McLeod; Tucker Omohundro, Jama Lopez, and Bruce Caverly.

Thank you to everyone participating in this contest and most especially to all of the Hot Springs Village Board Directors.

Cheryl Dowden, Publisher Hot Springs Village Gazette