Mission, Vision, and Values Statement Revised to Reflect the Community and How We Want to Be Going Forward

At the June 2022 Board Meeting, Board Director Pam Avila proposed that the Village adopt a new Mission, Vision, and Values Statement. It was decided to gather community input on this issue and Directors Pam Avila and Jama Lopez developed the new statement after reviewing the Villagers’ suggestions. Avila presented the proposed new Mission, Vision, and Values Statement at the July 20, 2022 Board Meeting.

Avila said that the Hot Springs Village Mission, Vision, and Values Statement has been revised numerous times over the years. Usually, the revision was made to reflect a marketing effort, rather than the nature of the community. Avilla said, “This Board believes it is time to revise the statement to reflect who we really are as a community, and what we want to represent going forward. Phrases like ‘active adult community’ or ‘retirement community’ in past mission statements were appropriate for HSV marketing efforts, but according to the most recent US Census, they don’t really reflect the true makeup of our Village which is in fact a mix of all ages and so many different interests. This Board believes HSV is first and foremost a community and that was the starting point for the revision of the Mission Statement, the Vision, and the Values Statement.”

Avila and Lopez reviewed and considered all of the input provided by the Villagers. Avila stated, “It really was a Village effort.”

Report by Cheryl Dowden