Ken Unger, Hot Springs Village POA Public Services Director, and Matt Broom, Associate Public Services Director, presented four discussions to the Board of Directors at the January 17, 2024, Board Meeting under the “New Business” Category. This article also addresses a new way to report water issues or ask questions about your water service.

Skid Steer for Parks and Recreation

Staff requested authorization to purchase a new 2024 John Deere 325G Skid Steer Compact Track Loader with standard equipment and an additional set of heavy-duty forks for $85,308.70, tax included from Stribbling Equipment.

The budgeted equipment is in stock and ready for delivery. The new skid steer will replace a 2013 skid steer used daily by the Parks and Recreation Department. Upon delivery of the new skid steer, the 2013 model will be repurposed for Line Maintenance to be used in upcoming capital projects such as the GG Force Main Project. Unger said, “We looked for existing equipment to buy, but the decision was made because of Parks and Recreation’s heavy usage, to purchase it new to ensure everything was in good working order and all the needed components worked properly.” $125,000 was the budgeted amount. Bids were received from three vendors.

HSV Board Passes 4 Public Service Motions at Meeting Broom and Unger
Ken Unger, HSV Public Services Director & Matt Broom, HSV Associate Director of Public Services Speak at the January Board Meeting

Road Preservation Discussions/Motions

Three of the items presented to the Board were contract renewals for road maintenance and preservation. The road maintenance projects included large asphalt patching projects, crack sealing, and road striping.

Large Asphalt Repair

Tri Lakes Hauling is in the second year of a renewable contract and will complete large asphalt projects, with total project costs not to exceed the $500,000 budgeted amount. The project will address larger dips, gate entrances, failing high-traffic areas, and other entrances into amenities and recreational areas. The asphalt will be purchased separately by the POA from Cranford for a cost less than we would pay Tri Lakes.

  • Tri Lakes Hauling – $350,000
  • Cranford Construction – $150,000

Broom said, “This is for our larger-scale asphalt projects, to completely remove the failed asphalt, recompact and grade the sub-base or bring in a new sub-base, and apply the new asphalt.”

Tri Lakes discounts by 5% if payment is remitted in five days or sooner. Tri Lakes also recently purchased the POA line striping equipment and will repaint lines covered by patching for no added cost. Broom said he wanted to renew this contract because of the 5% discount for fast payment and free striping over patchwork. “It is not a lot of striping, but it is something we can leverage to get a more complete look out of these projects,” stated Broom.

Additionally, a third reason why Broom recommends Tri Lakes is that Public Services made a price comparison with Hot Springs, which proved we are receiving a lower rate even though our volume is less. “We felt very confident with Tri Lakes and want to renew the contract with them,” explained the Associate Public Services Director.

Board Director Larry Siener pointed out that the milled asphalt from these jobs will be reused in various locations. Siener also mentioned that we need to be “sensitive to the fact that we have the five-day pay because realistically, if we can hit that target, it gives us an extra $25,000 worth of asphalt work for effectively paying the bill on time.”

Kelly Hale, Hot Springs Village General Manager, shared, “Boat ramps, the dog park, the bocce ball parking lot, and Grove Park are the targeted areas for the millings.” One-third of the dog park has already received milling repair.

Crack Sealing

Mitchell’s Asphalt was authorized to continue crack sealing, not to exceed the 2024 budgeted amount of $200,000. We are paying seventy cents a linear foot. Mitchell’s has met or exceeded our specifications in the many years they have performed in the Village. Broom said that crack sealing is a very good winter project.

Striping and Pavement Marking

The second year of a renewable pavement striping and marking contract with Highway Graphics was discussed. Five vendors were sent requests for bids, with three responding. In 2023, Highway Graphics had a maximum contract of $150,000 with Hot Springs Village, and the total striping projects ended up coming in below budget. Over 30 miles of roads were restriped or newly striped with 4″ reflective paint, 1,100 raised pavement markers (RPMs) were installed, and the POA also purchased 900 RPMs for in-house installation. Raised pavement markers are road safety devices that enhance visibility by reflecting automotive headlights. The POA has a $200,000 budget for this endeavor in 2024.

Reasons to Pass All Presented Items

Unger said, “We are asking for the Board’s consideration on all of the items today, if possible.”

Kelly Hale said that the three road preservation items are normal street preservation activities we do every year. Hale explained that approval was needed for them so that we could get the companies/crews on our books before they accepted other jobs. “Part of what we have learned is that when we get a good contractor that works well and does good work, we keep them busy and active,” stated the General Manager.

Hale said the Village previously alienated contractors and had difficulty finding people to do some of the work at good prices. “These folks have done a great job.”

Siener shared that if you develop a good relationship with a supplier that does good work and you want to keep them aboard, “multi-year contracting in those kinds of scenarios is absolutely appropriate and is the right thing to do. I would encourage us to continue to take advantage of that opportunity as we continue to develop relationships with contractors we trust.”

Hale said maintaining the relationships with the contractors helps keep costs down.

Board Director Bob McLeod said, “These things are in the budget. We don’t want to kick the can down the road. They [Public Services] are ready to get these things.”

Hale said, “[If] you wait, they will change the price on us.” Hale said that Matt [Broom] and Ken [Unger] have worked to build relationships with these contractors.

Broom stated, “We get very competitive pricing on striping and crack sealing.

Board Director Bruce Caverly motioned to approve the skid steer, which passed unanimously. Caverly also moved to approve all three road preservation items in one motion, also receiving unanimous approval from the Board.

Question or Issue With Your Water?

This is a complete change of subject and is unrelated to the Board Meeting, but I wanted to inform folks of this addition to the Public Services Request form.

If you have an issue or question with your water, Hot Springs Village Public Services can help. To streamline ensuring the proper people are notified if a resident has a water service issue or question, you can use the online Public Services Request Form and click the option “Water Quality Issue” on the pulldown menu. When submitted, this request will go to leadership and our Chief Water System Operator, Lee Doege, to address. Public Services Director Ken Unger hopes this helps residents receive faster answers on any issues they might encounter. Click here to go to the Public Services Request Form. You can also use this online form for other non-emergency Public Services requests or questions.

Featured Image: Matt Broom, Associate Public Services Director, Presents at January Board Meeting

By Cheryl Dowden

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