The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors wants your input. The following Board Brief was emailed to Villagers on Tuesday, June 21, 2022:

Quoting the email:

For several weeks, members of the HSV POA Board of Directors have been working on a new Mission/Vision/Values document that better reflects the present nature of our community.

Why are these mission, vision and value statements important to Hot Spring Village? The mission statement serves as the key to developing the strategic planning HSV needs to be financially strong as we move forward. It is our “compass” for the journey forward. The vision statement gives us the destination we want to reach in the coming years – the future state of the community. And the values show what we believe is important and they guide the actions our POA management and staff will take moving forward.


Provide a diverse, multidimensional community for people of all ages and interests.


Be a financially strong self-sustaining community with the wisdom and flexibility to adapt to changing generational dynamics.


Hot Springs Village is a welcoming, diverse community with these shared values:

1.   Sustainability. We treasure our natural environment and conscientiously explore and implement methods and means to maintain and enhance it.

2.   Security. We value the security and safety offered by our gates and first responders.

3.   Diversity. We respect the rights, differences, and dignity of all.

4.   Integrity. We encourage an honest, creative and ethical community.

5.   Citizenship. We accept and nurture our position and responsibilities with the communities outside our gates.

Comments or thoughts are welcome as we consider adopting the new mission/vision/value statements to guide us into our future.

Respectfully provided,

HSVPOA Board of Directors

June 21, 2022

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