Residents Urged to Stay Off of Dams During Drone Spraying

2023 Mowing Season Set to Begin Monday, May 8

HSVPOA Superintendent of Lakes, Dams, Common Property, and Forestry said weather permitting, they will begin the 2023 mowing season on Monday.

Next week, areas scheduled to be mowed are DeSoto Boulevard from the POA Administration Building heading east, Pizarro Drive, and residential areas off Elcano Drive.

On the side of DeSoto Boulevard, property owners will begin to see some vegetation turning brown. Noles stated, “We are applying herbicide to some areas that consistently are site-view hazards. This chemical will allow the grass to grow but eliminate the trees. Do not be alarmed if you see brown areas at the side of the road until the vegetation can be cut down. The herbicide must sit for at least a month for the chemical to enter the root system.” Noles said this would prevent the trees from regrowing. This process is more economically efficient than what was done in the past.

Dams Will Be Sprayed With a Drone Starting Tue, May 9

Residents Should Stay Off of Dams During Spraying

Previously, the POA mowed all dam faces and spillways. This year they will use a new drone spraying process, and dams will be sprayed with an aquatic-safe herbicide (excluding Lake Lago). The backside of the dams will be sprayed with a broadleaf herbicide. A contractor will complete this work on ten dams using a drone for $7,500. Previously we paid a contractor $35,000 to mow these areas; we will save $27,500 per mowing season using this new drone spraying process. Residents should stay off of dams while the spraying is occurring.

Report by Cheryl Dowden