The Hot Springs Village POA Common Property, Forest, and Wildlife Committee requests your assistance locating active geese nests. To report goose nests, call (713) 824-7814 or email with the location (latitude, longitude, address, etc. of identified nests.

HSV’s Egg Addling Program

The Problem

  • HSV currently has 200 plus geese – possibly 50-75 breeding pairs.
  • In 2023 they are likely to produce as many as 250-300 goslings – and more in successive years.
  • Each goose poops approximately every 20 minutes – producing 1.5 to 2.0 pounds daily.
  • 200 geese will deposit about 9,000 pounds of poop in and around our lakes and on our golf courses each month – that’s approximately 110,000 pounds a year.
  • In 2022 Lake DeSoto was closed to swimming for a while due to E. Coli contamination which was probably the result of the goose poop in the lake.
  • The Village spends substantial money and employee time dealing with the resulting damage.

The Cause

  • Our geese are “RESIDENT GEESE” – they do NOT migrate. They were born here, stay here, and reproduce here – on average, 5-7 goslings per breeding pair. If we don’t aggressively address the problem, the population will grow.
  • Please note that HSV Policy prohibits feeding the geese – a citation can be issued to those violating this policy!

The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Program

  • New in 2022 – this program focused on residential locations with a goose overpopulation.
  • The Village was selected – and approximately 238 geese were removed.
  • As a result, Hunters Feeding the Hungry provided snack sticks similar to Slim Jims to those in need – but at the cost of thousands of dollars to the Village.

The Egg Addling Program

  • The egg addling program is a more humane approach to limiting the geese population.
  • And there is a minimal cost to the Village.
  • How it works:
    • Nest locations must be identified.
    • Addling must begin as soon as all the eggs are laid.
    • “Addling” means coating the eggs with a small amount of vegetable oil at least once – and preferably twice after the mother goose has finished laying all her eggs.
    • Coating the eggs prevents air from moving through the shell and stops development and hatching.
    • It is done in two-person teams – one to fend off the geese and one to coat the eggs.
  • If the eggs are merely taken or broken, the geese will lay more – not so with addling.
  • Egg addlers must be registered with the Federal Government – IF YOU WANT TO VOLUNTEER, please call (713) 824-7814.


Call (713) 824-7814 or email: with the identified nests’ location (latitude/longitude, address, etc.).

HSV Egg Addling Program Assistance Needed inside image 1
Image: Geese feces on the dock (courtesy of Mark Quinton)