In late March, the spa area at the Hot Springs Village Coronado Community Center was closed to the public due to safety issues. Previously, the spa was unsightly and unsafe, rife with leaks, electrical problems, heating and air issues, and drywall problems. All of the metal in the room had rusted. The steam room was non-operational. It was time for a change.

Building Maintenace crews are juggling the spa remodel with their daily work orders, but supply chain issues have the biggest effect on the project’s completion time.

The Building Maintenance crew gutted the room, except for the whirlpool tub. Carefully sweeping and cleaning the area between each construction phase, the crews have started from scratch, working to transform the previously unattractive and hazardous area into one that is safe and like brand new. Project manager Mike Sykora is supervising the workers with the assistance of Gary Porter, Fitness Center Maintenance. Crews are refurbishing and remodeling most spa components; the final results should be the difference between night and day.

Sykora, an almost eight-year HSVPOA employee, said, “You can’t leave stuff sitting here forever. You have to have functionality.”

Mike Sykora said that previously there was a grid drop ceiling in the spa area with some insulation above it. The ceiling would sweat condensation due to temperature differences between the spa area and the area above the ceiling. Sykora said this is like placing a cold drink on a glass table, and moisture collects on the table around the bottom.

The old insulation in the ceiling was removed and replaced with closed-cell spray-on foam insulation, and a white plastic poly 2′ x 2′ grid ceiling will be installed, hopefully, this week.

Closed-cell spray-on foam insulation was installed before replacing the sheetrock. “Now you have an encapsulated room,” explained Sykora. Plastic trim has been ordered to finish the intersection of the drywall and ceiling.

All metal in the room is being replaced with materials that do not rust.

The old heat and air duct work was replaced. Sykora said, “It was sagging and rusty.”

Ken Unger, Director of Public Services said, “The spa previously had the wrong equipment for air movement. We downgraded to an appropriate size.” A return air was installed, along with all new piping and grids. “The room will feel more comfortable due to the HVAC work,” stated Unger.

The water purifier was rusted and leaking.

The wall tile is being regrouted, and a cedar door will cover the heat and air room.

The steam room tile will also be regrouted.

All of the wiring was replaced to code, along with new electrical boxes. New LED lighting that will shine up will replace the direct overhead lights and be more economical. Unger said, “The thing that may stand out the most for the spa users is the ambient lighting (indirect), so the room will be more like a spa.

Three heat and air units on the roof will be replaced later this year. The old units are R22 and will be replaced with 410 A. The freon cost of R22 units is $1,250 compared to the freon for 410 A units, which is $375 Pre-Covid the freon for 410 A units costs $80.

All plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. work is being completed by HSVPOA staff, except the drywall finishing. Previously, this was not the case. “I hired a heat and air guy, which we never had in the past,” explained Sykora. “Doing this work in-house, we don’t have the extra expense of a contractor.”

A safer gritty epoxy floor will be installed. This will not hurt your feet but will help to ensure that people are not slipping and falling. Public Services Director Ken Unger said, “The last piece of the puzzle to be installed is the flooring and a few items like signs. Then we will be ready for a grand opening…The goal is for this to be a professional product.”

Sykora said, “We had an antique that we shut down to refurbish, and I am sorry for the inconvenience to the users.”

“Now we are going to have something that will be a lot nicer,” enthused Sykora.

By Cheryl Dowden; Photos from HSVPOA

The Coronado Fitness Center is a full-service workout facility with a large exercise area hosting weight and cardio equipment, a three-lane walking track, an exercise classroom, a 25-meter heated indoor pool, a whirlpool, steam room, sauna, massage therapy, and personal training. Classes include yoga, spin, boot camps, and dance fitness. In addition to the men’s and women’s locker rooms, two family/handicap dressing/shower rooms are available.

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