By Board Director and Corporate Treasurer, Jama Lopez

Good morning!

There were a couple of items that came out of the Wednesday Board of Director’s meeting that may raise questions with you all:

1) As General Manager and Corporate Secretary, Kelly Hale, mentioned, we are negotiating with Cooper (CCI) to purchase the Cedar Creek land. This protects our watershed that supplies Balboa Lake and Coronado Lake. Another large part of that land is buildable acreage that could have become a neighborhood within our gates, but not be part of our property. The possible ramifications were concerning. As GM Hale said, we chose to pursue this purchase to protect our infrastructure.

2) The Pickleball club dialogue resulted from continued requests from us to be provided with an accounting of how money received for windscreen sponsorships was spent on the Pickleball amenity. We’re hoping some money is remaining as we work toward replacing the windscreens with non-advertising windscreens. We feel the signage is not the image Cooper had for the Village. This financial information was requested last May and again at two more meetings with Pickleball leadership. Since the Board meeting, we’ve received some information and understand the rest is forthcoming. The Pickleball complex is an amenity for all property owners and as such will be handled with all property owners in mind. We continue to be mindful of our fiduciary responsibility to all Hot Spring Village property owners and this beautiful place we all call home.