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All anticipated start and finish dates for the road projects detailed below are tentative and can change due to weather conditions and other issues.

Mill and Overlay Segments (Anticipated Start June 19/23)

The mill and overlay work on Barcelona from DeSoto Boulevard to Malaga Way/Circle will begin sometime during the week of June 19 to June 23. Hot Springs Village POA Director of Public Services Ken Unger said, “The project shouldn’t take long. I hope to be in and out of there within a week or two.” (See page one in the pdf immediately below.)

Next, two sections of Balearic will be done. (See pages two and three of the pdf immediately below.)

  1. Ponderosa Way – Mill and overlay on 450 linear feet in the eastbound lane
  2. Balearic Road – Mill and overlay Murillo Way (both lanes 26′ wide by 1,350 linear feet.

Maderas Drive Entrance (Anticipated Start July 10)

On July 10, the inbound lane at the Maderas Drive entrance will be closed for road work from DeSoto Boulevard to Alhaja Way. (See page one of the pdf immediately below.)

Inbound traffic will detour using Elcano Drive. (See page two of the pdf immediately below.)

Outbound access from Maderas to DeSoto will be open. The anticipated finish date of this project is August 10.

Barcelona North and South Road Closures for Scrub Seal (Anticipated Start in Late August)

Ken Unger, HSVPOA Director of Public Services, said that this project, also called fog sealing, is anticipated to begin in late August due to the material drying faster when there are hotter temperatures.

This project has a series of closures and detours, and the scrub sealing is anticipated to take approximately seven to ten days. (See the pdf immediately below.)

Road Work Completed

A lot of small in-house patches have been done. Unger stated that almost all of DeSoto Boulevard was crack sealed, and while the main projects listed above are occurring, patching and crack-sealing will continue throughout the Village.

Road Work Completed by Contractor as of June 14, 2023

Barcelona Millings to be Recycled for Use in Various Places

Unger shared, “We plan to reuse the millings we take off Barcelona at various locations. We hope to use the material at boat launches and also the Oak Grove parking area. “Our goal at Oak Grove is to repave Equestor Drive up to the crosswalk. The timing of this project is uncertain.

Slow Down for Safety

Unger requests that Villagers slow down for safety and enjoy life. “We detour as much as possible while doing road work for safer working conditions.

Report by Cheryl Dowden


Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village