The Hot Springs Village Trails Committee met on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

QR Code Project

Trails Committee Member, Adam Birkner, With Signs for the QR Project

The Trail Committee Members are in the final stages of the QR Code Project, which has been spearheaded by Adam Birkner. This is a project where QR codes (scannable by cell phones) are mounted on the outside of the trail boxes so trail users may obtain pertinent information about the trail they are using. Here is a link to a previous article in the Gazette regarding this project. The committee discussed many other topics, which are also outlined in this report.

Birkner developed the website which is called “HSV Tags FYI.” Birkner also designed and manufactured the signs, which are made out of PVC. The categories on the website are:

  1. Birds and Wildlife
  2. Plants
  3. Trail Input
  4. General Information

Some of the signs will be installed by committee members with Ginger Ladehoff, Marina & Outdoor Recreation Manager, assisting when needed. Birkner will let the committee members and Ladehoff know when it is time for the installation, as the final work on the website needs to be completed. The website address is

Hot Springs Village Trails Committee Finalizing QR Code Project inside image
Example of the QR Code Installation on Trail Box – Image by Adam Birkner

On another note, the following topics were also discussed at the meeting:

Balboa Bench Project – The Balboa Bench Restoration Project is completed. Click here to read about this project.

Trail Box Painting Project – The Trails Committee Members are in the process of cleaning, refurbishing, and repainting the trail boxes. These boxes are used to provide pertinent information for users of the trails. Each member of the committee is/are assigned trail(s) that they are responsible for.

Trail Issues – No new issues to report on the trails.

Board Member Comments – Board Chair and Liaison to the Trails Committee, Joanne Corry, said that the purchase of the Cedar Creek property made two groups of people happy – The trail users and the Village as a whole. The Board could not justify spending the money on just a trail. “However, when the ad hoc committee found out there was a watershed on the Cedar Creek property, affecting the Village as a whole, the Board decided to purchase the property. Corry explained, “then it became quite a different issue.” There are buildable residential lots on this property that can be sold in the future, helping to pay for the cost of the property. “Kelly [General Manager, Hale] has saved more than enough with his belt-tightening and better management of every single thing. Everyone that works for the POA knows that things are pretty lean and mean.” The POA did not use any of the new assessment money to purchase the Cedar Creek property.

The POA also purchased the land needed for the Sanitation Department and the Granada Golf Course Cart Parking.

Trails Committee Member, Janet Rowe shared, there is a 10′ buffer around the Village, which is owned by Cooper Communities, Inc. (CCI). Corry said this buffer cannot be crossed to connect Village utilities outside the Village perimeter without the permission of CCI.

“The Cooper Land Ad Hoc Committee did a fantastic job,” enthused Corry.

Staff Comments – Ladehoff reported that the 2023 New Year’s Hike is scheduled for Saturday, January 7, 2023. More details will be coming soon.

Ladehoff will have a date for the Full Moon Walk at the next Trails Committee Meeting.

Trail workdays are on the 4th Thursday of every month, unless otherwise posted.

2024 April Eclipse – Rowe suggested that eclipse glasses should be purchased for this event and suggested a possible slogan, “I was kept in the dark in Hot Springs Village.” If there is enough interest in this event, shuttle service may be provided.

Stars and Stripes Celebration – Fireworks will be on Saturday, July 1, 2023

Balboa Beach Park – playground equipment installation may start next week.

Report by Cheryl Dowden; Photography by Adam Birkner and Joe Dowden

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