Great news about one of Hot Springs Village’s premier entertainment venues!

The Hot Springs Village Woodlands Auditorium stage has received an aesthetic makeover! On Friday, February 2, Hot Springs Village ​Audio/Visual Supervisor Dakota Estes gave me the “tour.” Estes enthused, “This is an unannounced project. Not that we are keeping it a secret. Everything, including the time, was serendipitous, and we could get it done! We said, ‘Let’s do it!'”

Hot Springs Village Woodlands Auditorium Stage Receives Makeover 1
Dakota Estes, HSV Audio/Visual Supervisor, mans Woodlands’ Control panel.

“Previously, the stage was an aged, faded yellow color with lots of wood marks. Now we have a glossy look.” On the old stage floor, the audio/visual crew noticed that when they used colored spotlights, the true color of the lights did not show on the stage. With the newly refinished floor, the spotlights will be more subtle, but there will no longer be unattractive spotlight colors that detract from the performing artists.

“We determined that we could do the project because I have a new crew now.” This project took a crew of four dedicated and hard-working employees: Dakota, James, Kayden, and Corey. Corey’s son and nephew also volunteered to help with the painting and other tasks.

HSV Woodlands Auditorium Stage Receives Makeover Terry Wiley and Dakota Estes
( l to r) Terry Wiley, HSV Director of Parks and Recreation, and Dakota Estes, HSV Audio/Visual Supervisor

This whirlwind project was completed in only five days! Estes said the crew had to use a floor sander to sand the 70′ by 46′ stage, which is 3,200 square feet.

This was not a budgeted project. Estes said, “We were able to do it fairly inexpensively. All it took was manpower, which we already had, plus the cost of the sander rental and painting supplies.”

We have a Cher tribute concert coming up next week. “Cher” sent Estes photographs of another facility, and the similarities between the two stages were remarkable. “We are starting to catch up to other professional venues,” said Estes.

Estes shared that he and his crew still had a few cleaning details remaining to prepare the stage for the Loomis concert later that evening.

The audio/visual supervisor said he was happy with the finished project. “This was done kind of on a whim! We realized our crew was sizable enough, crunched some numbers, saw what we needed, and recognized this was not a capital project requiring Board of Director approval. We had a little time to do it, so we hopped on it.”

Stay tuned for news of more enhancements coming soon to the theatre!

Hot Springs Village Woodlands Auditorium Stage Makeover showing spotlights
Spotlights are shining on the newly remodeled HSV Woodlands stage.

By Cheryl Dowden

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