The Hot Springs Village Urban Deer Hunt Orientation did not go off without an incident, although this was no fault of the POA, Committee Members, or the Arkansas Bowhunters Association. The arrest happened because of good police work by the Hot Springs Village Police when an attendee was arrested on the charge of Harassing Communications. The arrest was made because of a previous incident that occurred on Monday, July 18. The name of the individual has been redacted for privacy reasons. Until proven guilty in a court of law, all individuals are considered innocent.

Incident on Monday, July 18

On Monday, July 18, 2022, the Hot Springs Village Police Department Dispatchers began receiving calls from the same phone number. The HSVPD has had numerous encounters with this individual who telephoned the police ten times, screaming at the dispatchers. HSV Police Sgt. Nickles responded to the home, but the individual would not answer the door. As the Sergeant drove away, the person came out on the front porch and began screaming, and cursing, while throwing a plastic bucket down the driveway and also throwing a metal object into the woods.

The person continued calling the police department nine more times. This made a total of nineteen (19) calls to the Police Department within a one-hour time period, with seemingly no legitimate purpose. Sgt. Nickles prepared an affidavit and warrant of arrest and was able to arrest the person at the Urban Deer Hunt Orientation. In his report, Sgt. Nickles said, “this appears to be a continuing recent problem.”

Arrest on Saturday, July 23 at the Urban Deer Hunt Orientation

On Saturday, July 23, 2022, Hot Springs Village Police Sgt. Kevin Chambers observed the person’s vehicle parked at the Ponce de Leon Center where the Urban Deer Hunt Orientation was in progress. In his report, Sgt. Chambers said that knowing there was a warrant out for the individual’s arrest, he contacted dispatch for verification. Entering the Ponce de Leon facility, the Sergeant asked the person to step outside so they could talk. The person complied and was subsequently arrested. The person was later transported to the Garland County Detention Center.

Previous Reports of Incidents by Same Individual

  • On November 26, 2021, three Hot Springs Village Police Officers responded to a Suspicious Circumstance. The individual had contacted the HSVPD numerous times throughout the night for unknown reasons. The individual refused to open the door when officers responded to his/her home and requested that the officers vacate the property. Sgt. Jason Graves advised the individual to stop harassing emergency services.
  • On March 10, 2022, HSVPD Officer Ryan Steed was dispatched to the same neighborhood for a leaf burning complaint. It was determined the individual had a permit for the burn pit. Upon arrival at the individual’s home, the sergeant heard someone scream that he/she has a burn permit and was tired of being harassed. The person ran from the back door to the front door screaming, but would not exit the residence. The police officers were told to leave the premises. A neighbor stated that this person yelled profanities at her when she let her dog out in the fenced area of her backyard.
  • HSV Police Officer Andrew Dunnavant and Sgt. Whiley were dispatched to the residence on March 17, 2022, in reference to a suspicious circumstance. This individual had reported to the Police Dispatch that someone driving a golf cart had threatened him/her. When Officer Dunnavant responded to the call, the person yelled, “Pigs, get the F… off my property.” The individual then went inside the house and refused to speak with the police officers.
  • On June 7, 2022, Officer Austin Rogers was dispatched to the POA Administration Office where the individual was irate and would not leave the building. According to POA staff, the person became verbally abusive. Officer Rogers went to the individual’s home later that day and the person stated the officer was harassing him/her and he/she is angry about a POA policy. Officer Rogers advised the person that he was not there to harass him/her or talk about POA policy. Officer Rogers also advised the individual that if he/she continues to make scenes at the POA, verbally abusing staff, the POA will ban him/her from the property.

A special thank you to the Hot Springs Village Police Department for its patience and hard work in keeping the community safe!

Report by Cheryl Dowden