Committee Positions Vacated

Thank you to Board Director Tucker Omohundro, who is finishing his term of service this month on the HSVPOA Board of Directors. Subsequently, this is also his last meeting as liaison to the Architectural Control Committee.

Architectural Committee Member Ken Gordon submitted his resignation. Rowe said, “He loved being on this committee and enjoyed his time here and wishes the best for all the rest of us.”

There are possibly two ACC member positions to fill in the near future.

Small Permits

2 Alamito Lane – Add Pergola & Deck, replace shutters to a style better fitting the house, and do some trim painting – Permit approved.

2 Ballobar Circle – 12′ x 16′ Deck and a walkway/bridge connected to the enclosed porch – Permit approved.

8 Delavega Circle – Dock – Property owners want to add a swim deck. Permit approved.

30 Certero Circle – Landscape – Backyard flagstone patio, terracing, and flagstone paths. This is an interior lot. Permit approved.

49 Almazan Way – Deck – This is a safety issue. New decking will enable property owners to exit through the side door. Permit approved.

17 Segovia Drive – Garden storage shed – Common property is behind the lot. The shed will be tucked in behind the house. A barrier fence is already installed to help block the street view. The 8′ x 16′ shed will match the house. Permit approved.

39 Lorca Way – Shed – Common property behind the lot. The shed will match. The property owner hopes only one tree will need to be removed. Permit approved.

3 Baltanas Lane – Fence – 4′ black ornamental fence on the side of the house. The lot is on a golf course. Permit approved.

26 Panorama Drive – Dock – 12′ x 16′ dock – Permit approved.

33 Loyola Drive – Fence – 4 1/2′ black decorative fence on the side of the house on Diamante Golf Course. This fence will contain a dog. The grinder will be fenced out and will still be able to be serviced. Permit approved.

61 Sergio Way – 12′ x 30′ Shed/Pool House – Pool house will have the same siding and roofing as the house. The pool house is to be constructed on the easement line behind the house. There is a road behind this house with a strip of common property between the property and the road. Permit approved.

61 Sergio Way – Swimming Pool – Permit approved.

12 Charca Way – Golf Cart garage – The property owners want to build this within a few inches of the property line. There is a neighboring house, making this garage located within inches of the neighbor’s property line. Cooper has given a conditional release for building on the easement, pending the ACC approval. “This is a tough one. We usually don’t allow this on the property line [easement],” stated Committee Vice-chair Larry Brocaw. Tucker Omohundro said, “This is a utility easement and drainage, and it is also so everybody has their space.” Brocaw said, “I would encourage you to try to find another location for this garage, if possible.” Director of Compliance & Contract Management Charlie Brown asked, “Can we continue this for further discussion?” It was decided that Chair Rowe and Committee Member Brocaw would visit the site to look for a recommendation for an alternate location for the structure. No decision was made.

41 Zarpa Way – Dock – Permit approved.

57 Zarpa Way – Shed – 10′ x 16′ shed – Permit approved.

86 Pintuerero Way – Railings – Permit approved.

22 Constantina Circle – Shed – Tuff Shed will match the house. Permit approved.

6 Oporto Place – Shed – Will match the house and sit towards the back of the lot. Permit approved.

38 Estremedura Drive – Dock – Permit approved.

49 Campo Way – Shed – 12′ x 24′ shed – This will be pre-built, and they will “walk” the shed to the location. – Permit approved.

Discussion of Projects Not on the Agenda

The following items were not on the agenda:

  • A property owner said she wants privacy from her neighbors due to objectionable actions on the neighbors’ part. She wants to block neighbors with a shadow block fence. Charlie Brown, Director of Compliance & Contract Management, said this was already approved in the office.
  • 8 Cardoba Lane – The property owner said she wants to build a shed in front of the house. She explained that the gradient and the retaining wall wouldn’t allow a shed to be built in the back. Janet Rowe, ACC Chair, said she would come out and check this out. No permit has not been applied for this project as the property owner was only feeling out the stance of the committee on this request.
  • Hartura – The seawall was capped because it was not at the right elevation. The property owners found an encapsulated 16′-‘wide dock for sale. The challenge is that it is only 33 feet available to place the dock. There is a requirement that the dock is located 20′ from the property line. The property owners request a waiver to place the dock 15′ from the property line instead of 20′. There is common property adjacent to the property, so it will not be an issue to reduce the property line clearance by 5’. The property owner must submit a permit to obtain formal approval from the committee. “It is a good solid dock, and we will probably permit to make it look even better,” stated the property owner.

New Home Permits

123 Pizarro Drive – shotgun-style row house – requires the committee’s approval because of the aesthetics. Permit denied due to the home not fitting the neighborhood or the property.

8 Aventura W.Permit approved.

10 Barcelona Road Permit approved.

5 Barreda LanePermit Approved.

16 Ruedo LanePermit approved.

Old Business

13 Coronado Trace – Boat Dock – Approved with a variance. as long as the property owner keeps within the extended property line.

New Business

50 Hartura Way – Floating Boat Dock (see above).

31 DeVaca Way – Proposed house design (looked like a container house) – Permit denied.

By Cheryl Dowden