The Hot Springs Village Architectural Control Committee (ACC) met on November 17, 2022, at 8:30 AM at the Coronado Community Center.

Topics of note: Legacy Custom Steel Homes will begin building in the Village; all of the permits discussed were approved, but some required variances; a property owner painted his/her home an unapproved color (no permit) and is repainting but stated they will place their home on the market.

Update on the Ad Hoc Rules and Regulations Committee Meeting

Board Director and ACC Liaison, Tucker Omohundro, updated the ACC on the most recent Ad Hoc Rules and Regulations (R&R) Committee meeting. Omohundro said the R&R committee discussed compliance issues. The R&R committee wants to be finished by the first of the year. Omohundro shared, “It is going well. Obviously, there are not going to be many changes. We just need clarification.” The R&R committee discussed how the POA can tie two adjoining lots together if they are owned by the same property owner. The counties already allow adjoining lots to be replatted into one lot.

Janet Rowe, Chair of the ACC, said, “If we can keep the assessments for both lots to make the POA happy, but make it, so it is one big lot as far as the county is concerned.”

Permitting and Inspection Update From Staff (Ginger George, HSVPOA Contract and Development Supervisor)

2022 Year-to-Date Inspections Completed – 3,368 ——— 2021 Year-to-Date Inspections Completed – 2,838

2022 Year-to-Date Small Permits – 1,841 ———2021 Year-to-Date Small Permits – 1,571

2022 Year-to-Date New Homes – 109 ——— 2021 Year-to-Date New Homes -118

2022 Year-to-Date Homes Under Construction – 93

Legacy Custom Steel Homes

Tom Hasselstrom Of XP Realty said that instead of using steel siding, Legacy Custom Steel Homes will use traditional sidings such as brick, concrete board, and vinyl. Hasselstrom noted, “that was your [the ACC’s] concern.” Hasselstrom made a Legacy Custom Steel Home presentation to the ACC on June 16, 2022. Click here to read this report.

Legacy plans to submit a permit request to the POA after Thanksgiving and begin building once approval is received.

Dock Relocation

A property owner inquired about moving her dock and also adding on. She was told to submit a permit, and the committee would come to her home to check out the requested change, and then the permit would come before the ACC for approval or not.

Building on Common Property is Not Allowed

The Hot Springs Village Townhouse Association ACC Chair, David Anderson, attended the meeting to see if 11 Emanuel Drive was on the agenda and if the committee had questions regarding this proposed project. The townhouse owner wants to extend an existing deck on the back of the home. This deck will extend onto the common property. The Townhouse Board already voted to give the owner a variance, but they do not have the authority to authorize someone to build on property they do not own. Building on common property is not permissible.

Anderson said, “this has been ongoing for about three months.”

Small Permits on the Agenda

2 Pasmoso Way – Landscaping by Casa Verde – Permit approved

31 Forjador Lane – Culvert/Landscaping – The property owner wants to solve some drainage problems. The property owner will also cover the area with heavy rock. Going to reroute the water into a creek. Permit Approved

15 Brillante Circle – Cover Over Existing Deck – Permit approved

4 Ribera Way – Black Metal Fence Down to Lake Balboa – Permit approved with variance

31 La Canada – Upgrading Exterior on a Townhouse (window replacement) – The Townhouse Association has given approval. – Permit approved

14 Valencia Lane – The ACC member met with the realtor, per her request, who is selling the house for a widow. They want to upgrade the house for sale. The property owner intends to install a new foundation for an Arkansas room, and patio foundation. Also, they would like to add a shed behind the house. Permit approved

12 Bolada Lane – Fence – Tony’s Custom Fencing is adding 160′ of additional fencing to extend the dog run. (They have three dogs) Permit approved

56 Cullerendo Way – Storage Building – A tree located on the common property fell on the shed, demolishing it. The property owner was told by POA the tree should be removed, but removal did not happen. The new shed is $2,000. Is the POA responsible? Matching everything to the house. “I approve the shed but would like to see us work something out to at least refund the permit money,” stated Rowe. The property owner should contact Ken Unger or Todd Noles. Omohundro said if this happened to him, he would insist the POA pay for the new shed. George said she can refund the permit money. – Permit approved Update from ACC Chair, Janet Rowe: After some investigation, it was found that the property owner spoke to a contractor working for the POA about removing the tree. A POA employee informed the property owner of the procedure for reporting this tree, but the property owner failed to do so.

3 Madrid Lane – Roof Extension – Wants to cover a deck extension with a roof. Permit approved

11 Jaca Place – Fence – extend decorative metal fence to the water and fence around a patio area. Permit approved with a variance

49 Orense Way – Fencing in side yards and extending to the back. Enclosing the flat area only. Permit approved

2 Cambre Circle – Walkway – Wants to put a gate between the house and carport. Permit approved

33 Sabaiote Way -Concrete Seawall – going the whole property length. Permit approved

90 Arjona Way – Seawall – will tie into a martini deck. Permit approved

2 Baeza Way – Seawall – Permit approved

18 Alicante Road – Steps and Walkway – They run an Airbnb. The property owner wants to install a wood stairway and walkway to the deck, which is located on the side of the house. Permit approved

15 Roseta Lane – Room Addition – This addition will be built above grade on stilts. – Permit approved

84 Marinero Way – Drainage Ditch – The property owner wants to bury 80′ of pipe. – Permit approved after Public Services gives permission.

15 Levantino Lane – Landscaping – install boulders. Permit approved

New Homes Permits Approved

3 Caborca Lane – Patheon Homes

4 Jilguero Lane – ARH Construction

7 Hortezuela Lane – Renaissance Homes

27 Lazo Place – Good Construction, Inc.

43 Marinero Way – Renaissance Homes

65 Soto Lane – Custom Windows, LLC

Old Business – 28 Castellon Drive – Paint Color

The home at 28 Castellon Drive has been painted an unapproved paint color. A permit was not issued for this color change, and it was decided at the last ACC meeting that the property owner should repaint using an approved color. The property owner submitted a permit with color swatches and also wrote a letter stating that they want to get the painting done because they want to put their home on the market.

A committee member commented that the property owners would broaden their sale base if they painted the house a more neutral color, such as beige. Apparently, this issue was discussed on NextDoor.

Report by Cheryl Dowden