The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) met on June 16, 2022, at 8:30 AM at the Coronado Community Center.

Hot Springs Village, Evening Lions Club members, Cristina Davis and Pete Beck presented the signage and entrance plans for the Balboa Beach Park Project The photo below illustrates the plans. There will be a solar light on the flag and the Veterans will lower the flag to half-mast when appropriate and also replace the flag when needed. Click here to read a little about this project. The ACC approved the plans.

Architectural Control Committee Meeting 6-16-22

Tom Hasselstrom of XP Realty Presents Legacy Steel Homes

Tom Hasselstrom said he is representing the builder of recycled steel construction homes. Instead of cutting down trees, recycled automobiles are used in construction. These are not barndominiums or container houses. “The difference between a stick-built house and these houses is that the panels are constructed offsite with steel and foam. They come already insulated, vapor wrapped and they come with steel studs.” The insides of the homes will be drywalled. The exteriors can be finished with brick, lap siding, and aluminum siding. Additionally, they can be finished with steel siding, which can look like brick, stone, stucco, or even wood grain.

Tom Hasselstrom

The Virginia-manufactured homes are able to withstand 200-mile-an-hour winds and are not vulnerable to insects because there is nothing for the insects to eat. The homes come already insulated with R45. Interior walls are insulated R23. The roof is insulated with R46.

The panels are light and assembled at the building site. A three-man crew can erect a 2,000-square-foot house in about seven hours. The steel homes cost less to build than wood-framed houses and are fire resistant.

The homes are prewired for solar panels and an exterior generator. They are also prewired as Smart Homes. and can be built on a crawl space or concrete slab.

Rowe asked for siding samples to be supplied to the committee.

Legacy Custom Steel Homes is planning on building three spec homes in the Village with the approval of the POA.

Existing Home Permits Approved

3 Quedo Place – Landscaping for new home – approved

14 and 16 Terreno Lane – Solarium installation on the bottom concrete deck and redoing the second-floor deck – approved

23 Captura Circle – Fence – This is a new house with a proposed 4-foot black chain-length vinyl fence. The home is located near a golf course but there are a lot of trees. – approved with a variance

12 Capintero Lane – Raised Metal Garden Beds on Lake Sophia – These beds were installed without a permit and discovered when the Property Owner was wanting to receive approval to install solar panels.- ACC Chair, Janet Rowe said there is no problem with raised beds, except a problem with the construction material used. The beds are constructed with shiny galvanized metal. Rowe’s recommendation is to find a paint that closely matches the house and paint the beds with this paint in order to eliminate the glare of the galvanized metal.

The Property Owner said his issue with painting the flower beds is that it is a 14-step process that requires the use of caustic chemicals. He is reluctant to use muriatic acid near or on the beds as they will be eating food from the garden and they do not spray chemicals in their yard. The Property Owner said that he has not had any neighbors objecting to the look of the raised beds. The Property Owner proposes to buy large decorative pots for herbs that will go on the outside of the fence. This will help hide the flower beds and also serve as a deer deterrent.

Rowe said there have been complaints from the neighbors. The Property Owner expressed surprise that anyone complained.

Rowe said shiny metal is not allowed and is not sure how many pots the Property Owner would need to purchase in order to camouflage the glare.

The use of vinegar was suggested as an alternative to muriatic acid. The Property Owner said he has researched the use of vinegar to dull the shiny metal and most people did not have good results.

Duane Heckelsberg said that galvanized metal does not remain shiny for very long. “It will naturally oxidize,” stated Heckelsberg.

Board Director, Tucker Omohundro, suggested that the Property Owner place plants around the beds to hide the offending metal.

The homeowner said he would be happy to grow plants around the beds. Charles Brown, Community Development Manager, said for him to give them a call when this is done and they will check on the result.

The Property Owner also has an unpermitted irrigation system, which is a compliance issue.

38 Pillar Lane – Deck – Replacing a worn-out deck and relocating the stairs toward the pond from the side. – approved

11 Talana Circle – Rework Stairs to the Boat Dock. The Property Owner wants to make the stairs less steep by using landings. He does not know if he needs two or three landings. – approved

11 Talana Circle – Landscaping – The Property Owner wants to put in timbers or stones to level and widen an area so he can safely step out of the car. – approved

19 Gozar Lane – Seawall – The Property Owner wants to build a seawall using stone on a concrete footing with a 10″ stone cap. He will follow the published seawall guidelines. – approved

4 Encantado Circle – Fence – The Property Owner wants to fence the entire backyard. Located behind the property is common property. This project has already been started. – approved and Compliance will handle the violation for starting a project before receiving approval.

121 DeSoto Center – Signage – Signage was previously approved but she has added signs. Brown said since approval, additional unimproved signs have been installed. The new sign was approved but Compliance will deal with the violation.

71 Emanuel Circle – Deck – Reportedly the Townhouse Association said the Property Owner does not need ACC approval, which is erroneous. The Property Owner wants to extend their current deck. Compliance will check this out as there may not be space available to enlarge the current deck. Approved if Compliance determines there is adequate space to enlarge the deck.

11 Cullerendo Way – Enlarge the Driveway – The property Owner wants to add two gravel parking areas (15 feet wide each) on the left and right of the existing driveway. The left side only is approved.

60 Galeon Way – Landscaping – New home – approved

59 Reslandor Way – Boat Dock – approved

60 Tiburon Way – Swimming Pool – approved

54 Arjona Way – Parkway and Walkway – Property Owners want to replace walkway pavers that are slippery when wet and not level. – The walkway is approved and the additional parking is not.

19 Ola Way – Enclose Deck – approved

New Home Permits Approved

1 Comillas Place – Allen Ltd Homes

9 Precioso Lane – H & H Signaure Homes

9 Terreno Lane – Renaissance

12 Manso Place – Rodger Nelms

14 Sorpresa Way – H & H Signature Homes

14 Vigoroso Lane – JD Harrison

25 Linares Lane – Holiman Construction

36 Victoria Lane – Deaton Construction

171 Cifuentes Way – Deaton Construction

Old Business

2 La Vega Lane Parking – Previously a gentleman addressed the ACC meeting about a parking issue. He has an older home on the west side and when he has guests, he moves his vehicle to the backyard so his visitors will have a place to park. Rowe said he tends to leave the car parked in the backyard for a while and it is not just there when he has guests. Rowe said he should park parallel to the the roadway. He is allowed to park in the road right of way for up to 72 hours.

HSV Gazette Publisher Cheryl Dowden